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yesterday was fun! July 5, 2007

Filed under: amigurumi — gnathalie2 @ 1:34 pm

me and the kids had lots of fun yesterday!!  Luis brought home a dinky package of fireworks, the kind that just ‘sparkle’, but it ended up pretty cool!!  The batteries in the camera died so i don’t have pictures of it.  Madaleine was the most excited about the fireworks, she’s planning a birthday party around them!!  I also made a fish.  His name is Fancy Feast because the cat kept eyeballing him the whole time i was making it.


4 Responses to “yesterday was fun!”

  1. superjen Says:

    Hey, make sure you get her fireworks in the next day or so, or you won’t be able to find any! It should be a great party, though, if you have fireworks!

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Yay for Georgia fireworks! Ok, maybe not so much yay, but still fun. We wandered around Ashebrooke looking for where fireworks were coming from, but didn’t find them. Next year, do the Peachtree with me!!!

  3. kathy frank Says:

    i was in a bad mood. just browsing along.
    and your site really cheered me up!
    you made alot of cute stuff and the kittens!

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