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playtime July 15, 2007

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Me and Adrian decided to play with the camera.  Actually, i used the camera as a diversion so he would leave the other two alone.  Pumpkin was on the couch armrest and Adrian wanted to take a picture of him.  Then we moved on to Snowflake/Snowball  and it was hilarious because every single time she would close her eyes.  There’s like 7 shots of her, we even turned the lights off and tried a sneak attack but still her eyes stayed shut!!  My favorite are the ‘silly’ pictures, which are really the best ones to take, before they’re too old and too self concious to have fun.  here are my favorite ones : 









One Response to “playtime”

  1. jj Says:

    Yeah, my favorite is the first one!

    I’ll email late tonight, working all day again. 9 cent crayons today, so I’ll hear a lot of
    “Why can I only get 5 packs?”
    “I’ll just walk out and come back in again, ok?”
    “FINE. I’ll be taking ALL of my business to Staples from now on.”

    The last is my favorite. Sure thing lady. Take your dollar to Staples.

    And yes, I got a couple packs for you guys. 🙂

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