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Best Birthday Present Ever Award July 19, 2007

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So Madaleine turned 10 years old on Monday.  She told me it was her most favorite birthday ever!!  She had tons of fun playing with her nieces and nephews- she loved drawing with Annika, and loved both her birthday cakes!  She did have her heart set on fireworks, but all the stores were sold out.  And that’s alright cause Jennifer brought silly string!  She got a cool pink mp3 player from Stephanie, she says she loves it, it’s just we haven’t put music on it yet. So what gift was her favorite?  Well, I’ll tell you:



And this is why:

This is Madaleine with her new pet, Meha.  She made up the name!!!

 Matti & Meha

Madaleine drew a food and water station for her new puppy:



Now Meha’s looking for someone to play with:


Meha says “I will wait for you to pway with me”:


Madaleine drew and cut out a bone for Meha, and that’s what she wants to play with!:


We had a lot of fun trying out different poses for Meha and her toy!

Here Meha says “BITE, BITE…yuuuuummmyy!  I wuv my new bwone!”:


Here she says “thx for pwaying with me”:


SHHH!  All that playing wore her out!  Meha is taking a nap:


This picture is called “aaaaawwww, how cute!”  Madaleine wanted to take pics of her and her puppy taking a nap. I had her put her hand on Meha’s back cause i wanted to get both of their faces in the shot!!  It was fun watching her try to keep a straight face!!!



The funniest thing is that we haven’t registered her into the Webkins site yet!!!


5 Responses to “Best Birthday Present Ever Award”

  1. gnat Says:

    Madaleine wants Stephanie to know that she is not playing favorites, she says she loves your gifts!!!

  2. gnat Says:

    even the demo songs are great! sure they’re for babies but they help me sleep real good!!! 😀
    (written by madaleine!)

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Go ahead and play favorites! Because I’ll win. Its ok, I talked to everyone in the family and they’re cool with it.

  4. gnathalie2 Says:

    game on!!!!!

  5. jj Says:

    hey my earlier comment didn’t go through. I’m so glad she likes the present! My favorite are the food and water drawing, and the pictures with the bone.

    And I’ll let you guys slug it out on the favorites – I’ll just bask over here in the light of the BEST PRESENT for now.

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