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splat, splat, splat

BunniBunny! July 29, 2007

Filed under: attempted sewing,family,other crap i do — gnathalie2 @ 9:45 pm

It’s raining.  And i’m kinda bored.  Sooooooo……it’s softee time!!!!  Just finished making my very first ever softee!!!  Her name is BunniBunny.  I think the kids scare her.


 Forget the cottontail-this one has a buttontail!!


I made her with one of tasha’s shirts.  So we all know that means it’s her’s now!!!



2 Responses to “BunniBunny!”

  1. superjen Says:

    Which is cuter, BunniBunny or the kittens?

    If BunniBunny mewed and was helpless it would be awfully close!

  2. komirra Says:

    creative way to use old shirts.

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