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kitties, sunny, and a softee July 29, 2007

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First and foremost, BABY KITTIES WERE BORN!!!!!  Snowflake is the proud mommy of four orange stripy kittens!!!!!


this is my favorite one of mama and baby sleeping!!!


Adrian loves taking care of the kittens, he is our household ‘kitten protector’!!!


We also have a new creature in the family, her name is Sunny Haskill.  She is very energetic, has a hard time staying still for pictures, and she loves eating jellybeans!!  Just not the black ones!!



Tasha has been just itching to use the sewing machine, so she made her very first softee this morning!!!



4 Responses to “kitties, sunny, and a softee”

  1. superjen Says:

    Wow Tasha! Way to go! I’ll trade you next week, one I sewed for one you sewed if you like.

  2. gnathalie2 Says:

    She is now screaming with excitement, ready to make one for you!!!!!

  3. superjen Says:

    ok then! I’ll make hers this week, and when it’s done she can make me one!

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