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Daddy July 30, 2007

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Steph, Gareth and the kids came down to visit!!  The primary purpose of the visit was to see the new kitties and play with the sewing machine.  Steph went right to work on her turtle, and at the very last minute Annika wanted to make a bunny.  She picked out the colors, the face, the eyes, the mouth and the bunny shape.  I don’t think i have ever sewn anything so fast!!!


Steph cut out a heart and we all gave it a kiss and put it inside the bunny, just like they do at build-a-bear!!  She named her bunny and Steph’s turtle “Daddy”!!! 


 The whole time we were sewing she let us know that ‘the turtle needs a rock’, so Steph made a rock for the turtle!  Here is Annika with the turtle and the bunny


Totally the most creative visit this year!!!  Gavin drew me an alien picture, so i get to make him one per his specifications!  And last but not least, here is Annika and Callan posing for the camera:


Can’t wait till they come over again!!!


2 Responses to “Daddy”

  1. superjen Says:

    Argh. I was close to your house, had time AND felt like sewing. Yesterday afternoon, around 4.

    I really really wish you had a phone, so I could call you!

  2. gnat Says:

    You can always text me or do voicemail. At least i can see on the caller id that you called!! come over today!!!

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