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Go Madaleine!!!!! August 10, 2007

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Every single night for the last 4 years i have had to yell at Madaleine because she just would not do her homework.  I have heard every single excuse ever.  Homework was just a huge, stressful battle with her.  Imagine my non-surprise when she came home from school today with a whole weeks worth of work that had not been done.  Great. So of course she went through the whole ‘it’s too hard’ and ‘it’s too much’ deal. 

Then she took a nap.  And played with the kittens.  And then……..


SHE DID ALL HER HOMEWORK!!!!!!!  This is the first time ever that she has done every single bit of homework/makeup work in one night without anything ‘forgotten’ at school that still has to get done!!!!!!!  I am soooooooooo freakin proud of her!!!!!!!!!!


GO MADALEINE!!!!!!!!!!!


4 Responses to “Go Madaleine!!!!!”

  1. Abuela Says:


    I am very happy and proud.

    I love you,


  2. gnathalie2 Says:

    thank u ssssoooooo much abuela!!!!1 😀
    from Madaleine

  3. stephanie75 Says:

    Madaleine, you’re the BEST student ever!! Great job! And pink looks good on you:)


  4. jj Says:

    Yay Madaleine!

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