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Bedrest is boring. August 18, 2007

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Stuff i’ve been making since being banished to the couch. Totally the most BORING week EVER!!!!  That and the house smells like litter box.



This guy was easy to make, mainly cause all the yarn needles are upstairs and the stinky tube of glue was near me. 

1162752847_363fbeea66_m.jpg I imagine this thing to make that Seinfeld noise that he chose over his girlfriend. you know, ‘hellllooooo’!!!!  Next to it are two little Bloo’s. But in pink and purple. 



 Well, that ‘s all i got for now.  Thank god internet doesn’t come with smell-o-vision!!  cause it smells bad in here. like cat poop.  gag.

And here are new kitty pictures!!!!!

kittys6.jpg Sorry about the x-rated shot!!!!!  Maybe he’ll grow up to be an exhibitionist!!


Oh yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADRIAN!!!! You turned 9 today!!!!  At 1 pm!!!  Right after Matlock was over!!!!



3 Responses to “Bedrest is boring.”

  1. stephanie75 Says:


    I love the kitty shots too. Which one is Twinkle-toes?? Does he walk? They grow up so fast:(

    (should I make a cake and then post a picture of it saying how good it tastes? he’d love that, right?)

    Oh, are you having a party for him, and what does he want for his birthday?

  2. gnathalie2 Says:

    i’ll ask him!!! we will have a party for him in a couple weeks, maybe next weekend. Just want the weather to cool off a tiny bit!!

  3. allena Says:

    those ami’s are great! isn’t there someone who will clean while you’re on bedrest? poor you!

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