gnat on the windshield

splat, splat, splat

Short but sweet August 20, 2007

Filed under: family — gnathalie2 @ 12:32 pm

Adrian loves Abuela cake.  And so does the duck/bird. Abuela rocks cause she cleaned some in the house and got the kids to clean!!! 



And the kittens run to Adrian before they run to anyone else!!!



3 Responses to “Short but sweet”

  1. superjen Says:

    That’s because he’s the Kitten Protector!

    Also, please tell him I am sorry I misspelled his name!

  2. stephanie75 Says:

    Jen, how can you really apologize for 9 years of mispellings? Nine, Jen, NINE!!

  3. superjen Says:

    How many years did Heidi spell it Jeniffer? More than 9. I have a mug, too, with Jeniffer on it.

    A lady came in to work yesterday and got my contact info and spelled it that way. Yeah, she was German all right 🙂

    SO now AdriAn has a misspelling aunt, just like I did. No emotional trauma, I promise!

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