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For Jennifer September 2, 2007

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Hey Jenn!  Tasha was inspired last night to make a doll/pillow/softie for you!!  She’s very proud of it and can’t wait for you to get it.  She even ‘tested’ it out for you to make sure it was soft enough for your head. (so your head doesn’t  get sick again!)  Here she is working on it:

forjenn1.jpgShe was super patient cause the fabric glue takes overnight to dry all the way.  She had cut out pink circles for freckles, but when she glued them on she didn’t like how it looked.  So to cover the glue spots, she had the idea to make your pillow ‘shy’, and cut out two bigger pink circles for the cheeks!!!  It’s cute to see what kids come up with!! 

Presenting……………. your very own one of a kind Tasha original………..pillow!!!!:


The pillow is a ‘sleepover’ one, covering the eyes is a blue eye mask with unicorns on it (my sock!), the green eyelashes are sticking out,  and clearly it is totally a bunny- she made the teeth extra big cause it’s smiling!  Go Tasha!!!

While she was gluing her project, i decided to mess around with the machine and a sock.  I made a dorky ole’ ‘silly’:


I bought the socks at Target in the dollar bins, looked really cool but the fabric sucked.  It stayed up on my foot but kept twisting around in my shoe.  no thanks!  Silly can’t stand on his own.  No arms = No balance.  stupid thing.


And Steph, I did not forget about Gavin’s alien!!!!  That will get a brand new post later today!!! 



2 Responses to “For Jennifer”

  1. superjen Says:

    THANK YOU TASHA!!! I will make you something soon. Also, I have another box of clothes, and some were from last year so they definitely fit you and not Madaleine.


    You have to read this in a Wayne voice:

    My name is Silly, I live in a hole, and nobody ever talks to me.

    That’s what I thought of when I saw the second picture.

  2. […] back in September Tasha made this great pillow for me, so I wanted to sew something cute for her, of course a cute Scotty dog came to mind! The flower […]

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