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gumdrop September 6, 2007

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I’ve been practicing working with the fuzzy/furry yarn, mainly because i suck at it and i want to make fuzzy animals!!  I started with just one strand, but the darn stuff is so fuzzy i could’nt see what i was doing!  I ended up using one strand of feather yarn (?fuzzy?) whatever it’s called, and one strand of purple Caron simply soft (best stuff EVER!) and ended up with a blob.  I was super tired thanks to my kids spraying a whole canister of Axe in my room and me having to take benedryl, so i stuffed it and sewed it up and took a nap.  For like 4 hours.  That’s sooo gonna mess with my bedtime.  Thank god Big Brother After Dark is on real late. Anyway, when the kids came home from school the first thing Tasha did was pick up the ‘blob’ and say ‘It’s a gumdrop’!!!!  Kids see things so differently than us boring adults- I never would have thought of it!!!  So i had her pick out the eyes, we glued them on and the furry gumdrop was born!  She calls this one “Jolly”. I think she really likes that name.

*This guys official name is Hubert!!!  He has been named by Crafty Mama over at Craftster!!!  Her blog is  *


I cut out a bunch of different shapes out of felt and because the yarn is fuzzy, it just sticks to it without me having to use glue.  Don’t get me wrong, it will fall right off if you move it, but for it’s glamour shot the mouth stays put.  I didn’t glue it on because if you put ‘blob’ on it’s side, it looks like a horse or bear head.  Here the poor thing thinks it might get eaten:


The shape was pretty simple, if you forget the fact that you can’t see what the heck you’re doing!!!  I used a size I hook, and holding the two strands throughout, the numbers are:

6 sc in ring





30 even, for about 9 rounds




18 even for about 3 or 4 rounds



3: yes, 3!!  after that i sewed it up.

I stuffed it at the 18 decrease round.  Then i glued the eyeballs on later. That wasn’t too hard to get them to stick, i just had to move some of the fuzz out of the way. 

And just cause it’s soooo cute, here is why i have not been able to finish Tasha’s alien:


The kitten is chewing on an eye stalk.  And Tasha broke the needle on the sewing machine when she was making a pillow for the neighbor’s baby.  I gotta fix that tonight.  It was cute though, Steph, remember the first day of school in 6th grade?  Remember the kinda fancy lavendar lacey dress i wore?  Well, Tasha loved the lace on it and cut it all off to use as a border for the pillow!!  She used that and some of the pink & white fabric you sent me last year.  She ended up giving the pillow to her teacher.  Maybe she can help me make Christmas presents this year!!!