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told you i was awake! September 7, 2007

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It’s bedtime for the kids, so this is when Adrian wants to play with the kitties.  The kitties are asleep.  Adrian thinks they need to be warmer.  And he thinks the best thing would be to put all the amigurumis on them!


Then of course this leads to me and Adrian taking silly pictures of each other.  As you can see, Banana just can’t stop hitting on me! Stupid monkey!


This is Adrian’s favorite:


After that, Adrian directs my attention to the kiwi bird.  As luck would have it, the darn thing turns into a brain-sucker at night!  Thank god it only likes the kitties!!


Don’t worry, the kitty didn’t feel a thing!  After kiwi’s ‘late night snack’, i thought it’d be fun to take a few more kitty pictures.  This one is my favorite:


Go figure. I’m looking through the pictures we just took, i turn around, and that f*ing bunni is at it again!!  He is convinced that all the ami’s i’ve made are his minions.  He wants them to help him ‘defeat’ the kitties.  Like that’ll ever happen!!!

minions.jpg ‘I talk. You listen.  Do what i say. now.’

The second i leave the room he starts up with his nonsense.  I’m gonna have to keep a closer eye on that one.



2 Responses to “told you i was awake!”

  1. stephanie75 Says:


    Holy moley.There he goes, popping up to control the others…..

    But in his defense, the others are a bit, ahem, controllable. I mean, just look at Silly. Clearly they need “brains” instead of “hearts”. (you know, like the build-a-bear hearts)

  2. superjen Says:

    Bunni is upset with the others because they were each supposed to book at least two parties for Shaklee and sell at least $200 worth of product at each one.

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