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I haven’t killed them….yet! September 8, 2007

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I was on a “make my house look like a tropical forest” thing last year, and bought a bunch of indoor plants at walmart. I think the most I paid for one was $8, so pretty good deal for me!!  I move them out to the front porch whenever it gets warm outside- that and the cats attack them and dig in the dirt when i leave them in the kitchen.  Here they are:




And last but not least is my elephant ears!!!  Jennifer told me she bought one, so i went and got one too.  It was really an experiment cause the darn thing looked like a big, brown lump.  I didn’t even know how deep to plant it, or even where, so I grabbed a planter and just watered it whenever.  I felt stupid watering a pot full of dirt.  But it started sprouting and here it is!!! :

1347230996_d37be692f0_m.jpg I’ve actually seen it near death a couple of times, not really sure how it survives but i like it. 

And here are a couple more ‘faces’ that Tasha put on the fuzzy gumdrop:


She was trying to make a green tongue, but ended up with this:


Poor little blob!!! 



2 Responses to “I haven’t killed them….yet!”

  1. stephanie75 Says:

    Awesome plants!! At the airport yesterday, we saw these huge tropical looking indoor plants/trees in pots that weren’t too big, and I asked a lady what they were and she didn’t know. So, I’m gonna try to find it and put it in the living room!!

  2. Nathalie Says:

    It’s fun seeing how big they get!!!

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