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still no motivation September 18, 2007

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well, i do have motivation to crochet but just none to clean.  I’m not really ‘on strike’, i’m just waiting to see how nasty the house can get before the kids or luis clean something.  I came to the realization that when i do nothing, NOTHING GETS DONE!!!!!!  I did make a bunch of blobs with red heart and cotton yarn.  I wanted to use up the ‘crap’ yarn mainly because i don’t feel like i’m wasting money on ‘practice’ stuff.  So here are the basic blob shapes i made:

1402409371_2f00deec7b_m.jpg They were all made using a size G hook, i started each one with a 6 sc in ring, i went up to but not more than 30sc, i decreased to 12 or 18 sc, and closed up when it was long enough.  Super simple. 

I wanted to see what types of different critters i could make with the same shape.  This is my favorite one:


 I glued his eyes on first, then i had a couple of felt ‘ears’ that were mess-ups from an earlier project that i put on for feet.  Then no matter what i held up to it, he just seemed perfectly cute without anything else.  Here’s another view:


On this one i had started to picture a bird of some sort, but then the eyes i made looked more like a fly, so that’s what it is now:


The felt wings were a total pain to glue on, i swear i must have used half a tube to get them to stick!! 

This next ‘blob’ was fun to make because i wanted to get better at hand sewing felt, and i am happy at how the beak turned out:

1402403529_3ba80ab8ea_m.jpg It’s kinda hard to see from the pic, but the feet and top of the wings have a little embroidery detail on it. 

1402403531_d6172dba32_m.jpg You can see on the fly’s wings how it’s a bit darker.  That’s from all the freakin glue i put on it. 

Madaleine also wanted to work with felt, and inspired by her favorite show “Bleach”, this is what she made:

1402403509_8224a71b84_m.jpg The face also kept falling off, so we used a bunch of glue on it.  The glue stunk so bad, we were getting dizzy from the fumes so for the second ‘coat’, i used a non-toxic fabric glue.