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Kopf hats September 19, 2007

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Yeah, i’m a nerd.  But you love me anyway!!!!  I made these two hats last night and this morning.  The pink one is Tasha’s and the green one is mine, but we all know the kids will wear it more than me!!  So who’s ready for a baaaaaad picture of me????  Oh!! I am!!!!

1403870349_5a2bab2c11_m.jpg Well, maybe it’s not that bad.  This is one of like 20 i took, it’s kinda hard taking a centered picture of yourself.  But here is a much easier picture to look at:

1403870335_da391ba142_m.jpg  Tasha wore it to school and Madaleine wore it on the way home.  Here is another view of the green hat:


The pink hat was made with a size J hook and Bernat softee chunky yarn.  I did an 8 sc in ring, increased for 9 rounds, and then did hdc plus ch 1 around till it was big enough. 

The green one is with an I hook and Red Heart Soft yarn, same as above.  I did like 5 or 7 rounds to get the correct length.  I didn’t use a pattern, i just winged it.  I think they turned out pretty darn good!!



3 Responses to “Kopf hats”

  1. superjen Says:

    I can’t decide if I like the green or the pink better, they’re both so cute! Also the lovely Miss Tasha is a great model.

  2. stephanie75 Says:

    Tasha is the best model ever!! She’s so workin it! I like them both, good job! Now make me one. Let’s call it my birthday present.

  3. Nathalie Says:

    Made you a pink one!!!

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