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My kids and my kittens September 24, 2007

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First of all: Happy Birthday to me!!!  Yeah! I’m 32!  I’m old! 

Secondably: Yesterday the girls were super creative!  To avoid the whole ‘it’s my turn on the computer’ drama, i told Madaleine to get out the chocolate chips and bake some cookies!  Always a dessert fan, she ran into kitchen and started baking.  It was gonna be a ‘let’s see if she can do it by herself’ thing, but then i remembered that none of our spoons or cups have legible writing on it.  I gave her the correct ones and let her go to town!  Here she is scooping the cookie dough onto the baking sheet:

There was only a little drama here because i gave her the margarine to spread onto the baking sheet and Adrian thought it would be funny to grab it and flick butter bits onto her arm. 

When those came out of the oven we polished them off pretty quickly.  Madaleine had put cinnamon in them and didn’t really like it all that much (the rest of us did though!) and wanted to bake something else.  I was watching the Monk marathon, so i told her to have at it.  I wasn’t too nervous only because the kitchen was a mess anyway and flour and stuff isn’t expensive. Madaleine asked me how much baking powder she should use, and since it was her ‘baking experiment’ i suggested what spoons she may want to use, and then told her how it would be super fun if she started all over cause 1/3 cup of baking soda was a tiny bit too much! 

From what i remember cleaning up this morning, she used baking powder and soda, sugar, water, flour, 2 eggs, chocolate chips, and pumpkin pie spice.  I set the oven to 350 and 10 minutes later this is what we had:

 They weren’t as sweet as the cookies, but they had like a scone taste to them.  They were so freaking good!!  These are what was left, she had made a whole sheet of them.  I had Tasha and Adrian taste them before i revealed who made them, and they loved it too!!!  Go Madaleine!!! 

Tasha saw the felt heart that Madaleine made for my birthday and made me a heart with a face magnet:

 The kittens got to it before she put it on the fridge. 

And since we LOVE Halloween, Tasha made some tiny decorations.  She used crayons, a pen, and index cards. 

 It’s hard to see in the picture, but i was amazed at the amount of detail in each one!!  There were two of the tiny white gravestones, but once again, the kittens got to it!!!  Speaking of kitties,  my little cuties are in the ‘attack everything’ stage!! 

 This was actually the first hat that i started making for Steph.  And what ever happened to the volleyball net? 

 It’s a kitten catching net now!

Since it’s Halloween time soon, we started decorating the front porch with purple and orange lights.  Just not this strand.  It doesn’t work anymore!:

Oh, and since we all know how much i love cleaning right when i wake up, the kittens left me with a birthday surprise!!

 I saved the plant before i took the photo~ and i’ve had to move the other plants to higher ground!

As much as the kittens get into and destroy, i just love the little poopers!!