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Thank you, Wayne!!! September 28, 2007

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My dad, Wayne, is AWESOME!!!  Thanks to you, Wayne, we all got to go to the fair!!!  Tasha always gets the mail when she gets off the bus, and she ran in the house really excited that ‘Mama’s got mail’!!!   As always, i do love the cash, but i love the cards you pick out for us!  Always hilarious!

The first thing Madaliene said when she saw the money was ‘That’s for the fair’!  And since i’ve never been to the Coweta Fair before, i figured what a fun way to celebrate my birthday.  I invited Steph, but she didn’t have the kids on Tuesday so it was just us. 

We had soooooo much fun!!  I learned 2 things while we were there.

1. I get dizzy on ferris wheels.  Not doing that again!!

2. Madaleine is an adrenaline junkie!

The first ride the kids went on was the giant slide.  Madaleine and Adrian loved it, Tasha was a bit scared.  So  for the second ride Madaleine suggested the kids roller coaster.  It looked tame enough, even adults weren’t allowed on it.  Adrian looked a bit terrified on the ride, Madaleine was loving it~ she was raising up her arms on all the ‘hills’, but poor poor Tasha.  That girl cried the whole time!  I felt bad, and when she got off she said she doesn’t want anymore scarey rides!  No problem!  It’s hard to see, but this is a picture of the kids on the ride:

1443369818_de57ebe148_m.jpg Tasha is on the middle car there. 

And here is one of Madaleine getting off the ride:


After that we all went on the bumper cars.  That was my favorite one!!  We went on that one twice.  After that Madaleine was just itching to go on other ‘big’ rides, so her and Luis went to the big rides while me and the other two looked for smaller ones.  We found the merry-go-round and Tasha wanted me to sit with her in the ‘booth’ thingy.  Adrian got on a horse, then moved to the seat behind me, then went on the horse again… kept doing this like 5 times!  Here he is in the seat behind me, still deciding:

1442519889_a81b9b4d0c_m.jpg  Then he finally made up his mind and went with the horse:


I love this one of Tasha! 


We met back up with Luis and Madaleine, and i thought it would be such a great idea to go on the ferris wheel.  I’ve never been on one so we stood in line.  Adrian was adament about not going on it, and i’m all ‘it’s ok, it’s not scary, i promise’ but him and Luis sat this one out.  Right away, the stupid wheel brings us to the very top and then stops.  Good lord.  I was so scared, i started getting dizzy, and i don’t even want to start with how freaking high we were!  The ride was also shakey and whatever to let others on.  It went around once and when we passed the attendants me and Tasha were all “Let us off! Stop the ride”!!!  So thank god, they did!  The kids were laughing at me for being a scaredy cat, the ride people were chuckeling, and i was laughing so hard at being so terrified of a ferris wheel!!!!!  But still, not going on one again.  Here is Madaleine on the ride:


Since we were stuck at the top for what felt like forever, we decided to put our heads down so we couldn’t see how high we were.  Then i got out my camera and me and Tasha made ‘scared’ faces to distract from the altitude.  This was the best one:


After that incident, we split up again and i stood on wonderful, safe ground while the other two went on more rides.





We had the best time, and for once we were able to get the ‘unlimited rides’ bracelets!!!!