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A Crafty Sunday October 1, 2007

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Tasha woke me up at 7:40 am, and even though it’s the weekend, i got up.  Usually i spend all day cleaning up after the kids and bitching that i can’t ever sit down for a minute without all hell breaking loose.  Today i spent like 4 hours online.  Then Madaleine made me some super yummy birthday cookies, and she’s been making them without a recipie!!!  I do believe i have a future baking queen on my hands!!!

I started making an amigurumi cat for Halloween, but i kept messing up the head shape.  So i plugged in the sewing machine and went to town!  Tasha has a couple pairs of camo jeans that don’t fit right anymore, so i cut those up and also a tank top i’ve had for years.


The cat’s eyes are from Luis’s shirt.  I just cut out 2 of the buttons and did a zigzag stitch around it.  The bunnys eyes are from Tasha’s tights.  I cut out one of the flowers and then cut that in half and glued it on. 

Tasha also jumped on the sewing bandwagon and made herself a bunny! 


She used the foot parts of the tights for the ears, and then glued on felt eyes and a nose. 

I also tried the bunny pattern from, and very quickly found out that i can’t sew circles on!!!!  I think it turned out cute anyway!!  And so did the kittens!



I have a pile of old clothes right on the living room floor, and really i did not feel like driving over to Goodwill today !!  The house is trashed again, but i had such a calm, boring day playing with the sewing machine!! 



3 Responses to “A Crafty Sunday”

  1. stephanie75 Says:

    Those are awesome!! Come up here and we’ll make millions! Because despite your kittens, I may have more cats than you:)

  2. Nathalie Says:

    I think we should use all the old kids clothes!!!

  3. superjen Says:

    Isn’t that what old clothes are for?

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