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I’m getting a bit better at this! October 1, 2007

Filed under: attempted sewing,other crap i do — gnathalie2 @ 9:51 pm

I figured out how to sew the circle on today!!  Yeah me!!!  But then i got lazy and didn’t feel like reaching aaaaalllll the way over to the table to get the needle and thead.  So i ended up just doing a zigzag stitch to close up the hole.  So i guess it’s more like ‘I figured out how to do a semi-circle today!’ I just love those wee wonderfuls!!

1470065954_3643dc6365_m.jpg For these i used Tasha’s shirt and jeans, leftover fabric, and one of Luis’s work shirts.

All the pictures of these that i’ve seen have the faces over on the ‘flat’ side, but i like it better this way. 

So Steph, how many have YOU made?!!! Huh?  None?  That’s what i thought!!!!!



4 Responses to “I’m getting a bit better at this!”

  1. stephanie75 Says:

    Yeah, none. I’ve been busy doing organic chemistry labs. You know, for my high powered career as ummm……something that makes lots of money!!!

    Come up here and then I’ll answer “i made 10!”

  2. superjen Says:

    I’m coolest since I made them first.


  3. Mickey Says:

    I am lovin that orange guy! He rocks!

  4. stephanie75 Says:

    Yeah, nice try Jen!! You *say* you made them first, but where are they now?!?

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