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kitties and a bat October 2, 2007

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Awwwwww!!!  The kittens were so adorable sleeping last night, I had to take pictures of them!!

This is Cry Baby and Momo asleep on the couch:


And then i was watching tv and noticed Sandy sleeping in the pile of CD’s that the girls had pulled out:

1472338874_fb395e1bd7_m.jpg Not sure, but this one might be Momo.  It’s hard to tell without petting them cause Sandy and Twinkletoes both have fluffier fur.  Either way it’s sweet!

Last night i started making this bat from the annie’s attic free pattern.  I finished the wings this morning.  The pattern actually calls for it to be done with hdc, but i did sc instead. 

1472338864_a03703046a_m.jpg  I loved making this one!!  I used yellow google eyes, but i wish i had red ones.  I’ll probably make another one and just use red felt. 



2 Responses to “kitties and a bat”

  1. Wibit Says:

    The kitties are beyond cute!! and I love the bat!! I would want to hang it from a door!

  2. Elaine Says:

    Just wanted to say I found your blog today via a Facebook group on Knitting/crocheting, and I really enjoyed seeing your creations. So creative! And the kittens are a-dor-able!

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