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People rock! October 28, 2007

Filed under: amigurumi,crochet — gnathalie2 @ 7:17 pm

Yes, i think most people rock.  And who rocks the most?  Why, people who make amigurumi using my free patterns!!!!!!!  There are two more totally cool, totally awesome crocheters out here in computer-land that get a huge THANK YOU (see, it’s huge!) for making my awesomely fantastical super super cool creations!!!

First up we have the infamous ‘hostile bunni’ made my Champygirl:


I love these black and white ones:


Awesome job!!  I love the faces and stripes on these!!! 

 And we also have my crochet kiwi bird, this one made by Rory:


I swear, that fuzzy yarn totally works for that bird!!!!!  Incredible!!  I was so elated to see these projects!  You guys both kick butt!!



One Response to “People rock!”

  1. superjen Says:

    Noooo Champygirl! You’re helping with Bunni’s nefarious plot to RULE THE WORLD.

    The kiwi looks almost felted – too cool!

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