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Suuuuiiiiiii November 29, 2007

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At least i think that’s how you spell the sound!  I made the pig from lionbrand today and i have the legs for the reindeer done. 

Here is Mr. Possible:


He is supposed to have 4 legs that are stuffed and sewn on.  I made all the white parts, then did some laundry, baked cookies, then sat back down on the couch.  Somewhere between the white parts and getting back on the couch, the kitties took off with one of the legs!  So now i gave him 2 legs, he looks like he’s sitting down, and that’s how he’s gonna stay!!

links to the free lionbrand site patterns are in the previous post.  so i guess that would be the post under this one.



I love free patterns! November 28, 2007

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Short post today, but Lionbrand yarn has A TON of new free patterns on their website!!!  Yeah!!! I am so making them today!!!  Here is the link:

And here are a couple pics of the patterns available at Lionbrand:





I love the ‘claw’!! November 27, 2007

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Looks like i can add another addiction to my super fun list……. the claw machine!!!  Man i love that thing!!!  I had taken Adrian to Walmart and after like $4, he got 2 toys at once!

I took him again with me on Thanksgiving around midnight, he was up and i didn’t want to wake up early to go shopping in the morning, and we just ‘happened’ to go to walmart.

We ended up with 6 toys, i got 3 and he got 3.  A couple days ago i went again~ this time because the girls wanted the toys as their prize for getting ready and going to school on the bus (it comes super early here!)~ and i got 3. 

Here is a group shot of all of them:


The new arrival of the ‘new toys’ has not gone unnoticed~ there’s Bunni sneaking into the photo.  It was clear to him that he was not going to win over the kitties, so he’s cut his losses and moved on to ‘simpler’ recruits. 

And how is it going with the kittens?  They are so freaking big now!!

2069825280_3509acb1a1_m.jpg(Twinkletoes, Sandy and Cry Baby)

 They’re even cuter when they’re sleeping:

2068504084_b4744278ef_m.jpg(Momo, Cry Baby, and Pumpkin)

Here is Cry Baby looking for some attention:


And this is also Cry Baby~ the kids were playing with the camera and set it to black and white:


Twinkletoes napping on Madaliene’s lap:


And this is what they were doing before they fell asleep:



When i’m online… November 22, 2007

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the cats surround me!!!  First off, our little attention getter Cry Baby stands on the bench next to the window and not only meows, but has grown accustomed to jumping onto my shoulders and staying there!  This is what he does:

crybaby.jpg  He’s got that ‘Shrek Puss n Boots’ face!

Once he’s has his ‘Nathalie’ fix, he runs off and i continue to be on the computer. 

Not even 5 minutes later i look down and notice this on my lap:

2054967342_1e6be44694_m.jpg  It’s Twinkletoes!  I guess since my shoulders are taken, he’s found my lap as the perfect spot for a nap.

I let him stay there until my legs fall asleep and i have to move. 


With my shoulders and lap taken, Momo finds a comfy spot right by my feet:

2054967350_747a16402b_m.jpg  Yeah, i know, the carpet is nasty.  That’s just what happens when the kids eat and drink when they’re playing on the computer.  Kitties don’t care though!

I turn around to get the stapler from the bench, and there is Sandy curled up next to the plant:


And where’s Pumpkin?  He’s asleep on the bed by Luis’s feet.  It’s ‘his’ spot!


Now usually Snowball is in the room somewhere, but she’s pregnant again so she’s always walking around looking for a place to have her babies.  Again.  Maybe she’ll have some orange kittens, it’s not like we don’t have enough already!!!!



I finally won something!!!!!! November 21, 2007

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I hate those stupid grabby machines, you know, the ones where you put in 50 cents, move the claw around and then not ever get anything.  So me and the girls went to Walmart this morning, and on the way out i stopped to get a drink from the machines.  Well there in the corner was a brand new claw machine, only 25 cents.  And since it was so cheap i let the kids try a turn.  After about a dollar, i figured i’d have a turn too.

AND I GOT A TOY!!!!!! 

I got a xmas doggie, and the girls were so excited about it that i went to the check out lane and got some more ones, and started feeding the machine.  Madaleine was the last to get a toy, and the fact that me and Tasha had gotton so many made her even more determined so i told her we would not leave till she won a toy.  And she ended up with the penguin that we had all been trying for! 

After Tasha had won 1, i had won 2, and Madaleine had won 1, i was ready to leave.  But no.  Laying in a very ‘grabable’ position was Kermit the Frog, laughing at me for my many failed attempts at getting him.  So i turned the cart around, stuck in my last dollar and went for it.  The first try was the kind where the claw lifts the toy but then drops it.  So we all took a deep breath, walked around the machine to look for the perfect ‘drop position’, and I GOT HIM!!!!  Victory was mine!!!!!

Here is a group shot of our prizes:


Tomorrow morning i am taking Adrian to the store so he play!!  I swear, when i got a toy i was jumping up and down like a 5 year old!!  After years of frusterating failures at the claw machine, it was such a nice relief to see at least one game that would actually let you win the toys inside!!! 

Oh, and the grand total of money we fed the machine was…..$10.00

Yeah, sounds like a lot but after the first win, we didn’t want to stop till we all had a prize!!



Pretty Pretty Flower Scarf November 12, 2007

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Here is my super pretty flower scarf:

1984526655_c7195bf684_m.jpg  click here for pdf: pretty pretty flower scarf

It’s about 60 inches long.  I have tons of stitch dictionary books, and for the life of me i could not get a couple of them right!!!  I have been wanting to make a flower scarf that is all one piece, not a bunch of flowers sewn together.  So after a few failed attempts, i ended up just winging it, so here is how i made it:


Size G hook

ww yarn ( i used Caron Simply Soft in pink)


This scarf is made like a two way street.  First go up one end, turn around, and go back down.

Chain 6, join with a sl st

1.  (first 2 petals): chain 3, 2 dc in next ch, chain 3, sl st in same space, chain 3, 2 dc in next ch, chain 3, sl st in same space.

2.  Chain 17.  Sl st into 6th ch from hook.  repeat #1.

Repeat # 1 & 2 until the scarf is as long as you want it to be.  End with # 1.

Now for the way back down:

3. Repeat #1 (now you have all four petals on the flower)

4. chain 5. Sl st into 5th ch of ch-17.  Chain 6.  Sl st into next flower.  Repeat #1.

Now repeat 3 and 4 until you’re back at the beginning!!  End with #1.



So, pretty much the pattern is half a flower up one way, then the other half going back down.  The sl st that you do into the ch-17 is just so that you have a more put together looking scarf!!


Everyone loves a kiwi…bird! November 8, 2007

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At least i do!!!  And who else?  A fantastic crocheter new to the wonderful world of amigurumi named Perculus!!!  She has also made my kiwi bird, and was kind enough of post a photo for me!


And how fantastic did it turn out??  SUPER FANTASTIC!!!! 

Thanks again for using my pattern!!!

Oh, and here is the link for the free kiwi pattern: