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I finally won something!!!!!! November 21, 2007

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I hate those stupid grabby machines, you know, the ones where you put in 50 cents, move the claw around and then not ever get anything.  So me and the girls went to Walmart this morning, and on the way out i stopped to get a drink from the machines.  Well there in the corner was a brand new claw machine, only 25 cents.  And since it was so cheap i let the kids try a turn.  After about a dollar, i figured i’d have a turn too.

AND I GOT A TOY!!!!!! 

I got a xmas doggie, and the girls were so excited about it that i went to the check out lane and got some more ones, and started feeding the machine.  Madaleine was the last to get a toy, and the fact that me and Tasha had gotton so many made her even more determined so i told her we would not leave till she won a toy.  And she ended up with the penguin that we had all been trying for! 

After Tasha had won 1, i had won 2, and Madaleine had won 1, i was ready to leave.  But no.  Laying in a very ‘grabable’ position was Kermit the Frog, laughing at me for my many failed attempts at getting him.  So i turned the cart around, stuck in my last dollar and went for it.  The first try was the kind where the claw lifts the toy but then drops it.  So we all took a deep breath, walked around the machine to look for the perfect ‘drop position’, and I GOT HIM!!!!  Victory was mine!!!!!

Here is a group shot of our prizes:


Tomorrow morning i am taking Adrian to the store so he play!!  I swear, when i got a toy i was jumping up and down like a 5 year old!!  After years of frusterating failures at the claw machine, it was such a nice relief to see at least one game that would actually let you win the toys inside!!! 

Oh, and the grand total of money we fed the machine was…..$10.00

Yeah, sounds like a lot but after the first win, we didn’t want to stop till we all had a prize!!



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