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When i’m online… November 22, 2007

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the cats surround me!!!  First off, our little attention getter Cry Baby stands on the bench next to the window and not only meows, but has grown accustomed to jumping onto my shoulders and staying there!  This is what he does:

crybaby.jpg  He’s got that ‘Shrek Puss n Boots’ face!

Once he’s has his ‘Nathalie’ fix, he runs off and i continue to be on the computer. 

Not even 5 minutes later i look down and notice this on my lap:

2054967342_1e6be44694_m.jpg  It’s Twinkletoes!  I guess since my shoulders are taken, he’s found my lap as the perfect spot for a nap.

I let him stay there until my legs fall asleep and i have to move. 


With my shoulders and lap taken, Momo finds a comfy spot right by my feet:

2054967350_747a16402b_m.jpg  Yeah, i know, the carpet is nasty.  That’s just what happens when the kids eat and drink when they’re playing on the computer.  Kitties don’t care though!

I turn around to get the stapler from the bench, and there is Sandy curled up next to the plant:


And where’s Pumpkin?  He’s asleep on the bed by Luis’s feet.  It’s ‘his’ spot!


Now usually Snowball is in the room somewhere, but she’s pregnant again so she’s always walking around looking for a place to have her babies.  Again.  Maybe she’ll have some orange kittens, it’s not like we don’t have enough already!!!!



2 Responses to “When i’m online…”

  1. superjen Says:

    Guess what?

    You’re officially a crazy cat lady now!

    I love orange cats, too – we still miss Clovis!

  2. stephanie75 Says:

    I was thinking the same thing…about the crazy cat lady:) ‘Cept she’s no lady, Jen…. ok, now I’m just *trying* to start a fight.

    Those are great pictures though. I wonder what the next batch will look like?

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