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I love the ‘claw’!! November 27, 2007

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Looks like i can add another addiction to my super fun list……. the claw machine!!!  Man i love that thing!!!  I had taken Adrian to Walmart and after like $4, he got 2 toys at once!

I took him again with me on Thanksgiving around midnight, he was up and i didn’t want to wake up early to go shopping in the morning, and we just ‘happened’ to go to walmart.

We ended up with 6 toys, i got 3 and he got 3.  A couple days ago i went again~ this time because the girls wanted the toys as their prize for getting ready and going to school on the bus (it comes super early here!)~ and i got 3. 

Here is a group shot of all of them:


The new arrival of the ‘new toys’ has not gone unnoticed~ there’s Bunni sneaking into the photo.  It was clear to him that he was not going to win over the kitties, so he’s cut his losses and moved on to ‘simpler’ recruits. 

And how is it going with the kittens?  They are so freaking big now!!

2069825280_3509acb1a1_m.jpg(Twinkletoes, Sandy and Cry Baby)

 They’re even cuter when they’re sleeping:

2068504084_b4744278ef_m.jpg(Momo, Cry Baby, and Pumpkin)

Here is Cry Baby looking for some attention:


And this is also Cry Baby~ the kids were playing with the camera and set it to black and white:


Twinkletoes napping on Madaliene’s lap:


And this is what they were doing before they fell asleep:



2 Responses to “I love the ‘claw’!!”

  1. Melissa Says:

    How Fun!! What a great collection of claw winnings! I can never get anything when I play! That is cool!
    I love your kitty family too. Great pictures!
    Happy Holidays!

  2. gnathalie2 Says:

    Thank you!! I never win either~ until i found the 25 cent machine!!

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