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More bunnies! December 1, 2007

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Bunnies are so freakin cute!!  Just not as cute as kittens.  Anyhoo, i have a TON of old kids clothes that i cut up sitting in a ginormous pile in my living room.  And Katie and Patsy were over playing with the kids, so i decided to have a ‘sewing day’. 

I found this pattern online:  and thought ‘what a cute EASY pattern’.  Well, i was right about the cute part.  And i’m sure the easy part works for normal people, but not me!  Now, i know how to use the sewing machine, and i know how to cut out the pieces.  But somewhere between turning the machine on and cutting off the ‘finished product’, i tend to make unrecognizable ‘bunnies’!! 

So, here are the two bunnies that were made with the link as a ‘guide’:


Mine is the ‘dotted’ one, i had sewn the ears on inside out, so i had to ‘redo’ that particular area.  The blue one is Katie’s, and thank god she thought her’s was adorable!! 

So after that episode, i decided to just keep going with my ‘unique’ sewing ability.  I found a green and white checkered shirt that Madaleine never wears and paired that with stripy green stretchy pants that tasha outgrew.  This time i didn’t use a pattern, i just folded the shirt and pants inside out and sewed ear/body shapes.  I like this one cause, let’s face it, bunnies are adorable!! 


For this one i used the huge google eyes and since i had already sewn it closed, i went with a glued on heart shaped felt mouth.  I was gonna embroider a face on it, but i didn’t.  Here is what bunny does when you sneak up on her:


Cute, right?!!!  When it was getting dark and the two girls had to go home, Patsy found one of the wee wonderful bunnies i had made a while back and was all “Oooooh, Mrs. Nathalie, can you make me one??!!!”  And i’m all, “sure, hon, i’ll make one tonight for you”.

Oh, i’ll make one alright, but i am soooooooo leaving that circle on the bottom off!!!  I have enough issues with sewing!!!



3 Responses to “More bunnies!”

  1. superjen Says:

    Ha ha! The circle on the bottom is what gave me the most trouble, too. You have that one, I think I sent it down with clothes.

    I totally recognize the green stretchy pants! Those were bought by Nana, B wore them only like once before she outgrew them. I think they look great as bunny parts!

    So what does Bunni have to say about all this? Pleased with new minions, or aggravated at the competition??

  2. gnathalie2 Says:

    LOL!! Competition?! Please! He’s got them wrapped around his little ear like.. idk, an earring? He says jump, they say how high!!!

  3. Melissa Says:

    I LOVE your bunnies! What a great project day! I totally do the exact samething when I am sewing. I think, oh this will be easy and I always have to rip off an ear or a tail and redo it. 🙂 It is fun to know someone else does the samething sometimes. I also love the owl and xmas trees. I will have to try those!

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