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Gimme 5! December 19, 2007

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I just have that ‘gimme 5’ song from Electric Company? Sesame Street? running in my head! 

Why?  (this one’s for you steph and john) Cause MARLEY HAD 5 KITTENS!!!!! 

LOL!!  Really it was Snowball that had 5 kittens, so officially Kelli is the ‘guess how many kitties are in that tummy’ winner!!


I was gonna say ‘hey, guess what color they are’ but that would have been a given.  Since they all look the same, they’re either gonna have all ‘orange’ themed names, like Fanta and Sunkist, or Arrested Development names.  Not sure yet.

Here is proud mama with her babies:


She kept following me everywhere meowing at me, and she’d been sniffing around Adrian’s room, so i made a little ‘area’ for her in his closet and that’s where they are.  I figure the closet smells like poo anyway, ‘birth’ won’t stink it up any worse!  They were born  Friday, Dec 14th, so it looks like GAVIN GETS ONE AS A BIRTHDAY GIFT!!  Yes?!  Hahaha.  I’ll send him a letter addressed to him with a ‘prize ticket’ so he can come down and claim his very own super duper cutie kitty cat!!

What else have i done this past week other than eat benedryl and snot all over the place?  I made a snowman! 


Not only did i make this, but i also just had to get kitty litter cause the house smelled like ‘box’, and gee, where oh where do they sell litter?  Oh!  I know! Walmart!!! 

And since i’m there anyway, and the girls are with me, i may as well play with the toy claw machine.  Just a little bit.  And i have to say i love the ‘toys’ in the machine this time!  We had 3 turns that gave us 2 toys instead of just one, so yay me!  Anyhoo, i spent 4 dollars and the girls each had $1.50 and here are our winnings:

2122265043_6ed5026f80_m.jpg They’re all these cutie animal zipper pouch things, and  there are 2 that were late for the group photo, but you get the idea.  I like feeding the claw machine.  What in the world am i gonna do with these?  Christmas presents!!  Still need to think of something to put in them, but the pig is mine.  The one pig on the end there cost me a whole $1.75. 

Oh, and yes i will be at Mami’s house for Christmas! 



6 Responses to “Gimme 5!”

  1. stephanie75 Says:

    OMG they are sooooo cute! And haha, Marley had 5 kittens:) Should I tell Wayne?

    Btw, I said 5 and Kelli said 4. I never say 4. Whats my prize? And don’t stinge out on me, giving is better than receiving!! (feel free to kill me now)

  2. gnathalie2 Says:

    Your prize is………(drumroll)….A FREE KITTEN!!!!! And for today only~ we have a win one get one free special!!!

  3. stephanie75 Says:

    Not a win one get four free special? Oh, thats right, Gavin gets one as a present. Thaaaaaaanks Nat:)

  4. superjen Says:

    Give her one two three four, but if you love her more, give her 5!

    So now you have to wait and see if there’s a stupid one, then you HAVE to go with Buster for that one, and Gob for one that’s a goofball!

  5. stephanie75 Says:

    Maybe you can name one Maeby? Haha.

  6. Nathalie Says:

    I was just thinking the same thing!!! I got a suggestion for ‘Julius’, so if i go with the orange names i’ll use that. I need to wait like a week so i can tell what gender they are!

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