gnat on the windshield

splat, splat, splat

Cat Fight!! December 20, 2007

Filed under: family,kittens,other crap i do — gnathalie2 @ 4:16 pm

And no, not hot chicks fighting but actual cats!!  The smallest kitty at birth, Cry Baby, has become the biggest instigating fight picker ever!!!  Not only does he do ‘sneak attack’ on the other cats, but he is the prime suspect in ‘who knocked over the coke can on purpose’.  This morning, he decided to calmly lay on the edge of my bed nice and relaxed, and when Pumpkin walked over to nap with him he attacked!



cat2.jpgNo amount of hissing will get him to stop, Pumpkin!


cat4.jpgI’m a cute kitty, come and get me, hahahaha

 cat5.jpgAww, had enough?  i’m still gonna get you!

cat6.jpgYeah, whatever Pumpkin, you suck.

Of course the entire time me and Tasha are just laughing our butts off!!!



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