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Superjen strikes again! December 20, 2007

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I’m a poet and i know it!  more like ‘i’m a dork, where’s my fork’!  Anyway, i just found the cutest, most perfect Christmas ornament here:

And since it’s so super fantabulous, i’m posting it on my blog!!! 

Here is the felt reindeer ornament:


Materials needed:

small amount of felt in brown and beige

red pompom

embroidery floss

embroidery needle



This is the template, just print this out and cut out 2 body and 2 antler pieces, sew together leaving a small opening for stuffing, sew it all up and enjoy! 


Here is the pdf!!!





3 Responses to “Superjen strikes again!”

  1. addicted2knitting Says:

    I turned your pattern into a PDF. I will email you a copy at craftster! This little reindeer is great fun!

  2. superjen Says:

    Hey, addicted2knitting was it you who sent the pdf?? Thanks a lot!

    Gnat, I couldn’t put it on your blog, I’m scared to log out of mine on my computer since I don’t remember the password. Nice, right? But under where you write a post there’s that little bar where you browse your computer, pick a file and hit ‘upload’ and it adds that link to your post. See my blog for how it comes out.
    Anyway, thanks to both of you!

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