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How did we get so old?!!! December 21, 2007

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So, i’m online doing whatever, and i decide to open a new window so i can listen to songs on Youtube.  Of course, the first song that popped into my head was ’18 and life’ from super rockin Skid Row.  That was followed by ‘i remember you’ and ‘wasted time’.  Then i moved on to ‘silent lucidity’ by Queensryche.  Keep in mind, when Skid Row came out i was in 8th grade, and i was so in love with Sebastian Bach.  My mom was pregnant with my younger brother, and she said that if it was a boy then me and my twin sister could name him.  So what name did we pick? Sebastian!!!  Yup.  That’s his name.  Skid Row is where he got it from.  Of course, we told my mom it was ‘just a cool name’ and ‘he’ll be named after a famous composer’! 

Anyhoo, i’m watching the video on youtube and i’m all ‘man, he’s so hot’ and my girls overheard me (ages 7 and 19) and were all ‘him?’  (lol, just like arrested development!)  They proceeded to inform me that he looks like a girl and is in fact ‘not that hot, mom’.  So yeah, how did i get so old!!!!!    Just give it a few years and all my ‘not all that heavy’ heavy metal bands will be in style again!!  At least they will be too me!



6 Responses to “How did we get so old?!!!”

  1. superjen Says:

    My problem lately is I’ll like a song, then it will be in a commercial. Thus making it less cool. The latest one I knew it was coming though – Click click click click by Bishop Allen, I told the kids while we were listening in the car, ” I bet within a month this is on TV!” Couple nights ago I noticed it being used for a Sony? some brand of digital camera. Oh well, I like it anyway, I guess I’m the target demographic right now.

    A couple years ago it was the opposite, I heard commercials and looked up the music that way. My favorite was all the VW commercials, I still like Pink Moon by Nick Drake because of the one where they’re driving at night to a party listening to that, get there, and decide to keep driving. Such a pretty one.

  2. Nathalie Says:

    I LOOOOOVE that ‘pink moon’ one!!! They use that classical opera ‘flower duet’ waaaay to much! Right now it’s being used by Dove chocolate, but years ago they used it in a scene in the movie ‘Meet the Parents’. I had Mommy listen to it so she could tell me what it was!!

  3. superjen Says:

    Yeah, I love that one too!

    Also, there’s one that an airline or something used, that’s really pretty – it’s by Ivy, Edge of the Ocean.

  4. stephanie75 Says:

    I had Mommy listen to it, and then get me the cd!! Where are you’re gettin’ stuff skillz Nat?

    Pink moon is still one of my favorties, thanks Jen!, same with the one from that commercial with the ugly girl seizuring in the car, whatever that was. I have it somewhere, you guys would love it.

    And don’t get me started on Adiemus from the Delta commercials!!!!!!! Such a good cd.

  5. Nathalie Says:

    LOL!! I’m gonna pee my pants, Steph!!! Seizureing in the car!!! Love the song though!

  6. superjen Says:

    OMG she was doing that horrible ‘robot’ type dance? And wearing a HAT? What was that song??

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