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I went to Mami’s house December 26, 2007

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And i got there on time!!!  Me and Luis and the kids went to mami’s house yesterday, and i was hoping to see Steph and her kids there, but she had a barfy virus.  So, no thanks.  Oh, i woke up at 5am yesterday to wrap presents before the kids got up, and Madaleine heard me.  She could not wait so i let her open one gift:

001-3.jpg A clock radio!!  All the other ones we’ve had here are all sticky and broken, and this girl has got to start waking up on time for school!!

We had eaten lunch at Luis’s mom’s house before we got there, so i was in the mood for dessert.  I love German chocolate~ and so does Madaleine!!


I put Jenn in charge taking pictures.  She left her camera at home, and here she is:


She took a great pic of Jessica and Jason:


And of course, she took a ‘i never have a pic of you two’ photo of me and Luis:

019-1.jpg fat much?

It seems like every time i see Sebastian and Nikolai they get taller and taller!  I asked them to ‘strike a pose’ for me, and here are my hottie little brothers:


Not wanting to be left out (which i would never do to snert!) Sean had a pose for me also!!

030-1.jpg Go Sean!

Patrick was the chef last night, and Britt brought his pasta salad.  I ate 5 bowls of it!!  The best ever!!!  So anyway, they were hanging out in the kitchen and i’m not sure who took this pic, but Jessica was all Santa with the hat:

027.jpg Next to Jess is Britt and Adrian

Mami has the same gold silverware set that i do, but her’s is still neat and in order and wrapped in plastic.  Tasha had fun setting up the box

025.jpg and that’s the pasta salad with the pink saran wrap on it!!!  Yummy!!!

When i was in the 4th or 5th grade, i had a couple japanese friends in my class (Naoko and Mimiko)  They taught me how to make the origami cranes, and i had made some for my mom and she diplayed them in the china cabinet.  I asked if she still had those, totally expecting the answer to be no cause it has been 22 years since i made them, and she still had them!!  They were in the china cabinet in the living room!!!

026.jpg LOL!!  I made those!!!

I had a lot of fun yesterday, and i plan on being there for New Years also! 

Oh yeah, before we left for relative’s houses yesterday, i took a group shot of the baby kitties:


And here is the 5th one:

017-1.jpg A bit camera shy!

I can’t tell which one the boy is without ‘looking’, but i named him ‘Steve Holt’!!!

This is what the other cats were doing while i was online this morning:



I have no idea what any of them are looking at!!

Later, gator!



2 Responses to “I went to Mami’s house”

  1. superjen Says:

    Thanks for posting the pictures! I hate that I never have my camera anymore, it’s with B all the time 😦

    See ya New Year’s!

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