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splat, splat, splat

This is for you, Steph December 27, 2007

Filed under: amigurumi,crochet,family,free patterns — gnathalie2 @ 6:13 pm

Merry Christmas!  I finished this last night, and yeah, hahahahaha, Jenn told me all about you guys making fun of me for not finishing gifts on time!!!  Don’t worry, it’s funny cause it’s true!

Anyhoo, here is your very own ‘pepto’ monkey:

001-4.jpgHere it’s laying in bed not feeling so well.

Uh oh, monkey doesn’t feel so good:


And this is Jenn’s ‘contribution’ to your monkey:


Hey, Pepto Bismol!!

The free online pattern that i used is here:




One Response to “This is for you, Steph”

  1. Suse Says:

    It’s SO cute!!!

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