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Bummed around all day December 29, 2007

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It’s overcast and rainy today.  Not very inspiring as far as crafting goes, but Steph did manage to get halfway through a friendship bracelet for her friend Kerri:

047-1.jpg her friend also had a request for a scarf, and i’ll post pics when i’m done.

And Madaleine took a super cute pic of steph and Annika:


She’s wearing Tasha’s clothes.  While i was going to Taco Bell and Chick-fil-a with Gavin and Tasha, Annika and Madaleine decided to go ‘swimming’ in the bathtub.  With all of their clothes on. 

Before that, Madaleine was content on the couch playing with Gavin’s nintendo ds:


For a couple months now, every time i sit at the fireplace to smoke or sit on the couch Twinkletoes jumps up on my lap.  I guess he mistook Steph for me, we are twins, and i got this pic:

053.jpg Monkey see, monkey do!

Twinkletoes also napped in his favorite spot.. in the tv stand:


051-1.jpg I made sure to move his leg over before i sat down with the remote!!

We also ran out of cat food, and Madaleine noticed the herd of hungry kitties on the porch, so she made scrambled eggs for them!  She also took this awesome shot of one of the cats:


Me and Steph went up to Madaleine’s room to look at the baby kitties, and here she is attempting to take them all at once:

026-1.jpg Reminds me of the claw machine~ pick it up and you get to keep it!!!

And here is my favorite kitty pic of today~ the boy kitty i named Steve Holt:




5 Responses to “Bummed around all day”

  1. stephanie75 Says:

    Ummm…. you calling me a monkey?!?

  2. Nathalie Says:

    If the shoe fits…LOL!!!!!!!

  3. stephanie75 Says:

    …then return it and buy an actual pair!!

  4. paperbouquet Says:

    Cut photos, Natalie. 😀


  5. paperbouquet Says:

    *CUTE*… sorry about the misstype. ^_^


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