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Wubble-palooza!!! January 6, 2008

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I’m not sure where the original ‘tune’ came from, i think it’s from the humane society?  Anyhow, in an effort to make Madaleine feel better, i came up with the Wubble!  And here is the tune that goes with it:

“You’re nobody till some Wubble loves you, so find yourself some Wubbles to love”

And here is the first one i made:


Here is a group shot with three of them:


These two are Bunny Wub and Love Wubble (also known as ‘Lubbable Wubbable’):

025-2.jpg  They really like playing on the toy playset!  They also like messing around with Tasha:


This one Madaleine named ‘paddleball’ because of it’s likeness to a paddleball toy:


All Wubbles were made with the kids old clothes and felt stitched on.  The ‘pattern’ i used was just a shape that Madaleine had drawn on some cardboard from a coke box. 

Next on the list of stuff to post…. KIWI!!!


This wonderful version of my kiwi is brought to you by kelguen, i found the post over at craftster!!!  Great job!!!!

 And how about all my cats?  Well, i’ll show you!!

Here we have Momo, clearly trying to take a nap in the worst possible place:


The baby kitties like to ‘meow’ around Madaleines room:


This one is definitely a girl:


Forgot how many kittens we have?  Here they are all in a row next to Adrian:


And here are some way too cute kitty pics:




Kitties love sleeping next to Twinkletoes:


And the big cats love sleeping near the kittens:


One more thing- this is what the kids did on the computer last night. 


It’s from the online polly pocket site, i have no idea who ‘skylar’ is, and yes, there was another one with the ‘s’ word that i threw out!!  Silly kids!!!



5 Responses to “Wubble-palooza!!!”

  1. kellinator Says:

    Hey, did you know your blog posts aren’t showing up on Ravelry?

  2. gnathalie2 Says:

    Yeah, and i don’t know how to get them to show up!!!

  3. stephanie75 Says:

    Lubbable Wubbable!!! I can’t stop laughing!!!!!

  4. superjen Says:

    That’s adowabble.

  5. Melissa Says:

    I LOVE the wubbles and the kittens are just too cute for words!
    Your post made my day. P.s. The dog and chick crochet creatures are great! I do not know what the orginal doggie was supposed to look like, but I love yours!

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