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Show and Tell time! January 21, 2008

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Well, kinda.  The leftover yarn blanket i’m almost done with for Steph doesn’t have a photo to go with it, so you’re just gonna have to believe me!!

Over in my blogroll there is a link to KristieNM and her awesome free patterns.  She posted a pic of the fancy feast fish that she made using my free pattern

And here they are!!!

fish.jpg  I LOVE these!!!!!  Great job!!!!

Next up, me and Jenn decided to do a craft project together (due next week!!) and the theme we picked is……a monster using clothes that we are too fat to wear!!!  Here is the shirt i picked to make my monster with:

004-6.jpg  I love this shirt, but too bad for me, i’m too fat for it!  Kinda like ‘right said fred’ : i’m too pudgy for my shirt, so pudgy it huuurrrts!!!  hahaha!!

So the kids friend James came over yesterday, and he wanted my mint chocolate bunny

(  So of course i said yes, and then he did the most awesome-est thing: He made a ‘jacket’ for the bunny using fabric from a sock and then took the smaller xmas tree, glued some felt on top and called it a carrot!!  Here is his bunny now:


Now, i’m sure everyone knows how much i love that crane machine at walmart, right?!  Well, me and Tasha went this morning and she wanted me to do like Spongebob where he keeps his eyes closed!  So i did!!  I ended up getting 3 toys that way!!  The rest are Tasha’s winnings:

028-1.jpg I like the mice the best!

And last but never least,  my kittens!!!  They like to pile up with the bigger cats and sleep under the living room table:

007-4.jpg The ‘fur mass’ is Twinkletoes!!

One of the girl kitties has claimed the heater vent as her spot:


And what do the kittens like about as much as ‘boobie’???  Pork chops!!!

014-3.jpg yummy yummy!



3 Responses to “Show and Tell time!”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Porkchops and appleschause…

    And James is ridiculously adorable, btw:)

  2. Melissa Says:

    Hi Nat!
    I LOVE the fishies and the bunny! They are wonderful! I cannot wait to see your monster when it is done!
    The Kittens are getting bigger. 🙂

  3. gyozamonsta Says:

    i came for the amigurumi but stayed for the kittens . lol. so freakin cute.

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