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So many patterns!!! January 31, 2008

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I do actually have so many patterns that i would have to live three lifetimes to do them all!!  But since i only have this lifetime, i picked a super cool project!!  The free pattern is from Roxycraft ( and it’s the Gabu creature!!!

I made one last night and the kitties just tore it up, so i made a couple more this morning~ i woke up at 3:30am with really mean cramps~ and each one only took about an hour from start to finish!!

gabu.jpg I used buttons instead of the safety eyes cause i don’t have any. 

I also get to test a pattern for KristieMN!!!!!  It’s a really, really adorable trio of sea critters!!  Here is the link to the pic:

And here is the actual photo of her sea creatures:

seaset.jpg Cute!! I just LOVE these!!

 And how about those kitties!!   This is what two of them were doing this morning while i was making the gabus:


And here is Twinkletoes on the couch, he’s trying to figure out a way to get the camera strap!:


And you know how kittens sleep in their ‘fur pile’?!  Well, i’d hate to be the only one asleep!!:

006-5.jpg The one in the middle is just getting the orange kicked right off of her!!  She doesn’t care though, she’s asleep. 

How about a BIG STRETCH!!:

007-5.jpg (yup.  still asleep.)

This pic made me laugh cause i had no idea that the kitty was yawning till i downloaded the pics!

ouch.jpg Ouch!! (kidding, just a yawn!)  And yes, that’s me wearing the Bruins shirt~ it’s Luis’s, i don’t like sports.  But the cool thing is that Adam Sandler wears the same one in the Happy Gilmore movie!

And here is Snowball (mama cat) with the boy kitten. Adrian named him Price Tricky (from the Starfox video game):


Oh, and the sweetest photo EVER!!  This is Momo and one of the kittens, Tasha found them behind the pillow on the arm of the couch:

aaa.jpg Awwwww!!!

Well, i’m off to sit on the couch and eat advil! Yum!



2 Responses to “So many patterns!!!”

  1. superjen Says:

    Aw! Cute kitty photos, but I have to say ‘getting the orange kicked off’ is my favorite comment on that one!

  2. guppylovesshark Says:

    That was a fun blog post :o) I loved it. Lucky you on testing that cute sea-horse! Have a great day!


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