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How cool is this!!! February 28, 2008

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Hostile Bunni has found a way to ‘reproduce’ his evil minions!!  I don’t know how (yet!) but i’m on to him~ and he knows it!!

Rachael made this evil minion, her name is Aimee~ and the cool thing about it?  She’s making an alphabet army of minions!!  That’s right, A-Z minions!!!

evil-by.jpg  LOVE IT!!!  Oh, sorry, i mean Hostile Bunni loves it!!!

Another cool thing~ I seem to get suckered into buying little ‘prizes’ for the girls all the time and Adrian was complaining that he never gets anything.  So when i took the girls to the library (no books for us~ i have a $100 fine!!!) i went to Michaels and found the cutest freaking wind-up robots!!!

033-5.jpg It was so cute cause he came up to the bedroom and said his name was “Adri-tron” and did a little robot dance!!  I, of course, called him “Bubbi-tron”!.

On the crochet front:  I have cramps.  Again.  And i found the coolest yarn on sale for $1.50 (Bernat) and since Madaleine’s middle name is Rose (after my grandma!) i decided to crochet one for her:

016-6.jpg  The rose came from a booklet called something like ‘country rose kitchen’?, the orange flower is from Nicky Epstein’s crocheted flower book the leaves are from a japanese book~ don’t remember which one.

Loving the whole ‘flower’ thing, i decided to design another flower scarf.  This is what it looks like so far:

019-2.jpg  When i’m all the way done i’ll post the free pattern for it!!

 I’ve really been enjoying having Madaleine crocheting with me on the couch at night, and she made me a present~ it’s two different chains made into a bow!!

008-12.jpg  Awwww!!

I’ve been having her just practice the chain and tonight we’re gonna move on to turning and the first row.

More cool stuff from the internet:

Once again, don’t remember if i posted this one before or not, but it’s a cute amigurumi robot!!


Not very many good horse patterns for free online, but i do like this one:


 The best horse patterns i’ve come across are by KristieMN~ i have it listed in my blogroll so if you’re looking for a horse then go there first!!

More easter?  Here’s a fantastic egg pattern~ too bad (for me!) that it’s knitted!!


This one is a kitchen scrubbie thing, and even though i’m not into kitchen stuff it looks like it could be a beautiful flower of some sort!!


BACON!!!!!  (Jenn: dogs don’t know it’s not bacon!!)

Yup, it’s a food link~ i love bacon (i like bacon, it’s delicious!) and here’s a link for cooking bacon into curls:


Do you love japanese patterns?  Do you find yourself not only with the inability to read japanese but find the symbol charts impossible and confusing?!  Well, here is a site that just may clear up some of your issues!:

Oh, so you do know how to knit!!  Well, then go here for a good handful of cool free patterns!:

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?!!!


Free pattern here:

And here are more kitty pics!!!

001-14.jpg Luis made pork chops for dinner and i guess the kitties got tired of waiting!

 030-1.jpg They all like sleeping on Madaleine’s bed in the morning!

024-5.jpg Cry Baby and Sweet Potato on the couch next to me




Stop coughing!!! February 27, 2008

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That’s what i was telling Madaleine while American Idol was on last night!  Poor thing has a cold and nothing was working~ i took her to the doctor again today and he gave her steroids, so i hope it works!!  Oh, and he watches American Idol too!!!!  Learn something new everyday, right?!

So, while we were trying to watch tv last night i taught Madaleine how to do the foundation chain:

bbbb.jpg  She’s left handed so it’s easy to show her how!!  I tried to show Tasha, but she’s not ready to get it yet.  I did show her how to do finger knitting~ i remember doing that at my grandmas house years ago.  She super got into that!!  She used my fuzzy yarn and made a neckwarmer:

vvv.jpg And we all know how Tasha loves to pose for the camera, so here are more shots:


hhh.jpg  A friend of hers is moving today so she gave it away

The kittens (and cats!) kept trying to attack the yarn all evening, so Madaleine got some leftover fuzzy yarn and the glue and stuff and made the kitties a toy to play with~ and let me tell you they loved it!!!:


It seems as though one of the evil minions thought he could take down a kitten all by himself:


aaaa.jpg Uh-oh!

And the same kitten was glaring at me when i caught them nursing:

aa.jpg  I’m gonna have to keep my eye on them!!

Madaleine took a great picture of Twinkletoes last night:

nnn.jpg  He’s sooo our favorite cat in the house!!

This is what the kitties were doing while we were in the living room:

aaaaa.jpg  Can you see why i love these guys!!!

Here is a random shot of Tasha eating ramon noodles ( beef flavor):


And you guys know i love free patterns~ so here are some more that i’ve found online today:

It’s still cold out, and while these aren’t the fanciest mittens, i like them:


This is a cutie little piggy!! Well, i don’t know how ‘little’ this is, but it’s adorable!:


Always on the lookout for decent tutorials, i came across this one for amigurumi:

How about some egg stuff for Easter?!:


Here’s another gorgeous flower scarf:

I don’t know who Oboro Chan from Bottle Fairy’s is, some anime cartoon, but it’s so sweet!!  Here is a free pattern from djonesgirl:


Valentine’s day is past already, but next year i am so making these:


Really killer daisy bag:


There is a link there to request the daisy square, and if you can figure out how to make it then cool!

Alrighty then, that’s all i have for now~ later!!



Cool stuff people do February 25, 2008

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This scarf is so awesome!!!  Over here:  she made a killer scarf similar to mine (in construction!!) and it rocks!!!


Over at ( is found this totally adorable bear~ what’s so cool about it is that i ALWAYS call my son Adrian ‘my bubbi bear’!!!  Wish i could knit!! 


Over at i saw that someone had made a crocheted bunny for the Vanna’s Choice contest thing~ and the pattern name was ‘Madeleine Rose’!!  That’s my daughters name!!!  If anyone has it please feel free to send it to me!!! (the notes said that it was from a knit simple magazine from last year)

The love bug pattern from heliinaville is so freaking cute!!!  And free!!


000dzs2z.gif Go here for the pattern:

Here is a tutorial for a knitted bunny, but i do believe you can do this as crochet also!:


How about sewing a bag in 1 hour?!!  Jenn?!! 


 Go here (

How about some gorgeous crocheted long stem roses?!!:

im000987.jpg (She also has an adorable snake scarf pattern for free!)

Don’t we all hate cleaning?!!  Well, i found this neat how-to on making your own detergant!:


You’re gonna need it after you do this:

Hungry??  bperry052 over at craftster made all this food….. and a tutorial!!!  :





Even though it’s not amigurumi, there is something about this dino that is adorable!  I can totally see this on a baby blanket!!


Free pattern here:

I also found this over at crochetville~ it’s a super cool frog hat!!  Crochetroo has really cool designs!!


Speaking of hats~ this one is so cute!  It’s from ‘creativeyarn’ and it’s free!!!


Last but not least~ we have a cutie little crocheted basket by chickpea sewing:


Free pattern here:

Enjoy your day!



I got fat

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Jessica and Jason came over on Friday, and the first thing Jessica mentioned when she walked in was how incredibly fat i had gotten!!  Kidding, but she did say i was fat.  Yup.  I’m a big fat fatty. 

And creme eggs being ‘in season’ does not help matters!!  So, to compliment my fattiness, i made a piggy:


018-1.jpg (i’m much bigger from behind!!)

 Tasha had me take a series of piggy photos, and this one was my favorite:

021-2.jpg  She thought the piggy was so cute that she didn’t even wait for the glue on the eyes to be dry~ she gave it to Frida!!

And here is Madaleine using my camera:

029-1.jpg I don’t know about you guys, but she kinda looks like Jess in this one!!

I woke up early this morning and finished this little froggy pouch:


Here is my view while making the frog:

023-3.jpg Cry Baby is at the end, then the four kittens: Steve Holt (aka Balto), Sunshine, Sweet Potato, and Butternut Squash

This is a pic that Tasha took last night of Twinkletoes and Sweet Potato:


And here is Sunshine sleeping next to Tasha:


The actual full view of Tasha sleeping on her bed:

032-2.jpg Where are the other 4 cats?  On the couch.  Trying to attack my yarn!

What else did i do yesterday other than crochet and complain about being fat?  Why, i got to clean up an entire bag of cat litter!!

003-9.jpg This ginormous mess was brought to you by Cry Baby and Sandy!

That’s ok though.  I could stand to ‘move’ around more!!





Pac-man February 22, 2008

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At Adrian’s request, i made a pac-man:


Why make the ghosts when there are plenty of cats in the house?!


Free pattern by fulloffluff:



Sunshine’s new toy February 20, 2008

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Or really i should say ‘cats love yarn so i had to make them a toy so they would leave me alone’!!  It’s cute though cause i went to Walmart this morning with Tasha and right before we were gonna leave i was all ‘wait! i forgot the jingle bells!’ (which are located at the waaaaaaay other end of the store!)

At any rate, here is Sunshine’s new toy:


It’s really easy to make and doesn’t take more than like half an hour!!!


Size G hook

Chunky yarn in whatever colors you like (i used 4 different colors)

jingle bells (the larger ones)

Using any color:

5 sc in a ring

rd1: 2sc in each sc around (10 sc)

rd2: 2sc in first sc, sc in next sc around (15 sc)

rd3-5: sc in each sc around (15 sc)

rd6: (sc2tog, sc in next sc) around (10 sc)

Insert jingle bell now

rd7: sc2tog around (5 sc)

rd8 & 9: sc in each sc around (5 sc)

Repeat rds 1-9 three more times, switching colors in round 1 if you want.

Fasten off, weave in loose ends, give to a cat!


1. Do not use stuffing for this toy because it will muffle the jingle sound.

2.  Make sure to buy the large jingle bells.  I bought mine at Walmart ($1.97) and it was the package next to the ‘regular’ sized ones.




My Camera featuring my three kids! February 19, 2008

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My kids love sneaking off with my camera and taking pics.  In the last year and a half i have had to ‘replace’ the camera 4 times, so i generally give the kids a big ‘no’ when they ask to use it!!  Adrian was with me in my room, so i did let him take pictures~ he chose Balto as his subject:


034-3.jpg Yup, that’s my hand removing the cat from the open can of coke!!

043-3.jpg This kitty is Sunshine


And Tasha took this pic of Momo:


And speaking of Tasha, it’s obvious when she uses the camera because it’s tons of pictures of her!! Let’s look at her ‘photostream’:


015-4.jpg My, What a big mouth you have!!!

(When she was newborn, my younger sister Jessica looked at her and said “She’s gonna grow into that mouth, right?”!!!)






I have one of those crappy keychain cameras, and the only way you can take a good picture with it is if you’re outside on a sunny day.   I let Tasha play with it and she took the most amazing “tasha” series with it!!  I need to see if i can’t find them, but i ended up printing and framing one of her close-ups and it’s hanging in the living room!

How do i know when Madaleine steals the camera?  Well, first of all she leaves the case on the floor!  But really, she’s really into taking outdoor scenery photos:

036-4.jpg This is our backyard at dusk

005-7.jpg I don’t know whose cat this is! But it’s in our backyard.  So is this one:



And last but not least, she took this kitty picture:

042-1.jpg It’s hard to get good ‘action’ shots of the cats that aren’t blurry!!!