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Cool sites i found…and my kitties!! February 5, 2008

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Yeah, i know, kitty kitty kitty!!!  But i’ll post them at the end. Here are some cool things i found over the last few days, first is a new free pattern from Bittersweet:


And here is the link:

I love her stuff!!

And i found a cute little fox here:


And, man i wish i knew how to knit cause these olives are just cool!

giantolives1.jpg You can find the free pattern here:

And speaking of cool knitted stuff, this is an awesome bathtub from who else? Bittersweet!!

2205287162_a8c8ce97d3.jpg I don’t think this one is a free pattern, though.  Either way, it rocks!

And how about this free crochet pattern?!!  It’s mugs of hot cocoa, and i want one!!


I also found cookies and ice cream cones on the same site!!  Yummy!!

Here is a panda pattern i found at craftster:

His name is piddlesworth, and his pattern is free!!

panda_mini_05.gif Cute, huh?!

How about Valentine’s Day?  It is right around the corner!  I found these cool amigurumi hearts :

091.jpg Go here if you want to make them:

And here is another heart garland:


As for non-amigurumi, i found these really cool glove-thingys here:

2192959075_432c4361d5_m.jpg Madaleine loves this kind of stuff, so i love that it’s a free pattern!!

And one more kick ass pattern!!  These are the grumpies!!!


They are brought to you by chezmichelle, and they are free!!!  Her site as a bunch of super cool patterns!!  Go here:

And one more Valentine project from purlbee: crocheted valentine cards!!  I will definitely try these out!!

crch-beaty.jpg How-to here:

That’s what i’ve found ‘free pattern’ wise so far, but don’t worry, i’m always online looking!!  So what else is new here?  Well, i won a contest over at guppygirls site, and got an adorable ami bird!!!  I’ll post a pic later (batteries are dead…..again!!!)  I keep telling the kids not to do playback on the camera, but they still do! 

Oh, and i totally didn’t forget!!  My kitties!!

This is two of them~ not sure which ones!!~ and they fell asleep in the tiny space between my leg and the pillow!  (new sheets btw, on sale at target!)

dddd.jpg Awwww!!

This is Twinkletoes, Sandy and Cry Baby.  Since we took the broken screen out of the window, they spend a lot of time checkin out the backyard:


Cry Baby also discovered a new quiet place to sleep…. the top shelf in Madaleine’s closet!

2243615201_66016a3447.jpg I bet you can guess where the rest of the clothes went!!! (hint: on the floor)

The cats, all of them, like to sleep on top of my yarn box.  These two kitties are making sure they won’t get caught!

2239342370_419565ffe1.jpg I believe the kitten on the bottom is mine~ i named her Sunshine!

Oh, and here is an adorable ‘sleeping kitty’ pic~ they’re on the couch:

2239342360_4cdaabef1c.jpg Totally cute and totally mine!!!

And last but not least, this kitten photo i like to call “Great Kitties Think Alike”





8 Responses to “Cool sites i found…and my kitties!!”

  1. BitterSweet Says:

    Thank you so much for the mention, I’m glad that you’re enjoying my work!

    And it looks like I have a lot of other patterns and blogs to check out now as well!

  2. superjen Says:

    OMG you totally have to make me a fox! I love foxes!

    Let me rephrase.

    Dearest sister, would you please be so kind as to make me a fox? Please?

  3. Nimoe Says:

    Hey, thanks for the mention! 🙂

    Aww, your kitties are sooo adorable!!

  4. knit happens Says:

    How funny that you are keeping the fifth cat a secret and it looks like the others so who will know? hysterical!!!! Nice crocheting stuff too; thanks for the links, and God bless the new baby kitty.

  5. William Says:

    I admit, I have not been on this your blog in a long time… nonetheless it was another enjoy to see It is such crucial case and avoided by so many, even expert. I thank you to help making people more conscious of possible problems.

  6. Faemystique Says:

    Thank you for the mention!! I didn’t know about it till now! Glad you liked the wristlets! Enjoy!

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