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Snaaaaaaaake!! February 16, 2008

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I threw in all the extra “a’s” to emphasize how long the snake is!!  I had a ziploc bag full of small amounts of yarn and it was just driving me crazy seeing it every time i opened the yarn box~ so the snaaaaaake was born!!  Nothing fancy, just kept crocheting in hdc’s till i ran out of yarn and then glued some google eyes on it.   Oh, and note to self: Stuff while working on it, not when you’re done!!  I had to use one of those stick things that come with mini-blinds to shove the stuffing in!!


I wasn’t in a ‘color-coordinating’ mood when i made it, just wanted to get through all the stupid yarn scraps!!  Here it is on Tasha’s bed, when it’s stretched out it almost goes from one end of the bed to the other:


I really wanted to put jingle bells in it, but couldn’t find any so i strung some large black beads on string, tied it up and stuck it in the tail.  And Steph, totally email me pics of the snakes i sent home with you!! 

Luis found a home for one of the kitties, and i didn’t want him to take the one i wanted, so i got a blue marker and colored her tail!  Awwww!!  She’s happy in her new home~ and now we have 4 kitties left!!! 

The one in the back is Sunshine (mine!) and the other is one of the girls~ still need to name her:


And the boy kitty, who i named Steve Holt (Steve Holt!!) and Adrian named Balto (yeah, he’s got two names) is trying to play with the mini-blinds but he’s not big enough yet:


And now for some cool stuff i found, aka: free patterns/tutorials!!

This is an adorable little bear:


And i’m not very good at sewing, but this little box is adorable:


And who doesn’t like oreos?!!  We love them!! (Just not a whole row, right Jen!)


With all the cokes i drink, i just have to try this one:


And what about granny squares?  Well, i found this cool tutorial on finishing them:

New one here:  I just found this on craftster, it’s a super awesome valentine kitty by freckledcutie:


free pattern here:



3 Responses to “Snaaaaaaaake!!”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    I love all the flowers in the last picture. I think I could make tons of them and somehow stick them to a board and hang it like art! I may or may not have had too much coffee this morning:)

    I like your snaaaaaake. Good work Gnat!
    Call me

  2. gnathalie2 Says:

    I’ve been drinking coke like it’s water~ so many things to do!!!
    I’ll call you a bit later when my phone is charged!

  3. superjen Says:

    * chew chew chew swallow brush brush crumbs *

    Yeah, TOTALLY. A whole row of Oreos is too many!

    *shifty eyes*


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