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Time for some links! February 17, 2008

Filed under: amigurumi,free patterns — gnathalie2 @ 2:58 pm

I’m in the middle of clearing out my favorites list, so here are some for everyone

Japanese mouse:


A hat for st. patty’s day:


How about a shamrock?!  Here is a youtube video on it, and there are a bunch of other crochet videos over on the right side of the screen:

If i could crochet clothes worth a crap, i’d make this one!


Or possibly this one:


 A carrot:


Conversation heart scarf:


I may have posted this one before, but here is a super cute doggie!!


A gorgeous, killer daisy scarf:


A tapestry crochet kitty bag:


Let’s hope you can read Spanish patterns, cause this dino is awesome!


I also may have posted this one before too, but yummy ice cream cones are, well, yummy:


Now these flowers are so freaking cool!!  I have a solder thingy, and i swear i’m soooo making these sometime this year!!


A non-ugly granny square that acutally looks good!:


Some useful/interesting tutorials:

granny squares

Crochet stitch guide:

Neat folded paper ball:

Invisible finish:

Weaving in ends:

No knots or tails sewing tutorial:

Pink kitty hat:

Let’s bake some french bread!  I love french bread, so hopefully this recipie doesn’t suck:

And i’m gonna put this in my blogroll, but just in case i f someting up, here is the links page for stargazers?  the site with the old timey patterns:

A completely hilarious ‘article’ from the onion, anyone with cats can relate!!:

Enjoy your Sunday!



One Response to “Time for some links!”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Hi Nathalie
    Thank you for the great links! I have made the life size pug and their patterns are the best! It was so easy to follow and fun!
    I am going to try the Blue dog Babies next. Thank you!

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