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My Camera featuring my three kids! February 19, 2008

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My kids love sneaking off with my camera and taking pics.  In the last year and a half i have had to ‘replace’ the camera 4 times, so i generally give the kids a big ‘no’ when they ask to use it!!  Adrian was with me in my room, so i did let him take pictures~ he chose Balto as his subject:


034-3.jpg Yup, that’s my hand removing the cat from the open can of coke!!

043-3.jpg This kitty is Sunshine


And Tasha took this pic of Momo:


And speaking of Tasha, it’s obvious when she uses the camera because it’s tons of pictures of her!! Let’s look at her ‘photostream’:


015-4.jpg My, What a big mouth you have!!!

(When she was newborn, my younger sister Jessica looked at her and said “She’s gonna grow into that mouth, right?”!!!)






I have one of those crappy keychain cameras, and the only way you can take a good picture with it is if you’re outside on a sunny day.   I let Tasha play with it and she took the most amazing “tasha” series with it!!  I need to see if i can’t find them, but i ended up printing and framing one of her close-ups and it’s hanging in the living room!

How do i know when Madaleine steals the camera?  Well, first of all she leaves the case on the floor!  But really, she’s really into taking outdoor scenery photos:

036-4.jpg This is our backyard at dusk

005-7.jpg I don’t know whose cat this is! But it’s in our backyard.  So is this one:



And last but not least, she took this kitty picture:

042-1.jpg It’s hard to get good ‘action’ shots of the cats that aren’t blurry!!!




2 Responses to “My Camera featuring my three kids!”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Hi Nathalie!
    Your kitties always make me smile.
    I have shared a “You Make my Day!” award with you. Please stop by blog to read it. 🙂
    Melissa and Emmitt

  2. superjen Says:

    Yay! Finally more kid pictures!

    I like the ones with Tasha, of course, and please tell Madaleine the snow one was my favorite of hers, and the first one that Adrian took is my favorite of his. Now we just need for him and Mad. to get in FRONT of the camera, instead of behind it! I guess I don’t do that myself so I shouldn’t be talking , but still.

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