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Pac-man February 22, 2008

Filed under: amigurumi,crochet,kittens — gnathalie2 @ 7:58 am

At Adrian’s request, i made a pac-man:


Why make the ghosts when there are plenty of cats in the house?!


Free pattern by fulloffluff:



4 Responses to “Pac-man”

  1. kellinator Says:

    Oh my gosh! He’s a lean mean kitten-eating machine!

  2. Josefin Says:

    Cool! May I ask where you got the pattern? And is there a pattern for the ghost too?

  3. Stephanie Says:

    That is soooo cool, Nat!! Did you make that one up? If so, you *seriously* rule:)

  4. Nathalie Says:

    no, i found the pattern online a while ago and adrian really really wanted one! I rule anyway though!

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