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Cool stuff people do February 25, 2008

Filed under: amigurumi,crochet,free patterns,sewing,tutorials — gnathalie2 @ 7:00 pm

This scarf is so awesome!!!  Over here:  she made a killer scarf similar to mine (in construction!!) and it rocks!!!


Over at ( is found this totally adorable bear~ what’s so cool about it is that i ALWAYS call my son Adrian ‘my bubbi bear’!!!  Wish i could knit!! 


Over at i saw that someone had made a crocheted bunny for the Vanna’s Choice contest thing~ and the pattern name was ‘Madeleine Rose’!!  That’s my daughters name!!!  If anyone has it please feel free to send it to me!!! (the notes said that it was from a knit simple magazine from last year)

The love bug pattern from heliinaville is so freaking cute!!!  And free!!


000dzs2z.gif Go here for the pattern:

Here is a tutorial for a knitted bunny, but i do believe you can do this as crochet also!:


How about sewing a bag in 1 hour?!!  Jenn?!! 


 Go here (

How about some gorgeous crocheted long stem roses?!!:

im000987.jpg (She also has an adorable snake scarf pattern for free!)

Don’t we all hate cleaning?!!  Well, i found this neat how-to on making your own detergant!:


You’re gonna need it after you do this:

Hungry??  bperry052 over at craftster made all this food….. and a tutorial!!!  :





Even though it’s not amigurumi, there is something about this dino that is adorable!  I can totally see this on a baby blanket!!


Free pattern here:

I also found this over at crochetville~ it’s a super cool frog hat!!  Crochetroo has really cool designs!!


Speaking of hats~ this one is so cute!  It’s from ‘creativeyarn’ and it’s free!!!


Last but not least~ we have a cutie little crocheted basket by chickpea sewing:


Free pattern here:

Enjoy your day!



6 Responses to “Cool stuff people do”

  1. Josefin Says:

    I just love reading your blog! You always finds such cool sites and links to cool things to crochet (or make in another way). 🙂 Thanks for all the time you put down to this, even if you just do it for fun!
    I like to read all the other stuff too, of course! 😀

  2. superjen Says:

    I started the one hour bag
    Find and unearth the sewing from under junk:20 min
    Look through fabric, realize I only have scraps: 5 min
    Look at : 20 min.

    I need to just go to the store and buy a bolt of fabric!
    Then make the amazing 1 hour, 45 min. bag!
    Thanks for the link, it was exactly the kind of thing I like!

  3. pugnotes Says:

    Hi Nathalie!
    What great things you found! Thank you for sharing them!
    🙂 Melissa

  4. Birgit Says:

    Glad you like my scarf, it was so much fun to crochet and I love wearing it! I might end up making lots more, in all sorts of colour combinations… I was halfway finished with my first one (and not really sure it was going to work out) when I found the pattern for your scarf. It was good to see someone else had come up with more or less the same “construction plan”, so I couldn’t be all wrong! 😉
    Best regards and happy crocheting — Birgit
    (Oh, and thanks so much for the link to the felt food tutorial, I MUST buy some felt this weekend to make Farfalle for my son!!!)

  5. gnathalie2 Says:

    I absolutely LOVE the colors you used in the scarf!!!

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