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I got fat February 25, 2008

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Jessica and Jason came over on Friday, and the first thing Jessica mentioned when she walked in was how incredibly fat i had gotten!!  Kidding, but she did say i was fat.  Yup.  I’m a big fat fatty. 

And creme eggs being ‘in season’ does not help matters!!  So, to compliment my fattiness, i made a piggy:


018-1.jpg (i’m much bigger from behind!!)

 Tasha had me take a series of piggy photos, and this one was my favorite:

021-2.jpg  She thought the piggy was so cute that she didn’t even wait for the glue on the eyes to be dry~ she gave it to Frida!!

And here is Madaleine using my camera:

029-1.jpg I don’t know about you guys, but she kinda looks like Jess in this one!!

I woke up early this morning and finished this little froggy pouch:


Here is my view while making the frog:

023-3.jpg Cry Baby is at the end, then the four kittens: Steve Holt (aka Balto), Sunshine, Sweet Potato, and Butternut Squash

This is a pic that Tasha took last night of Twinkletoes and Sweet Potato:


And here is Sunshine sleeping next to Tasha:


The actual full view of Tasha sleeping on her bed:

032-2.jpg Where are the other 4 cats?  On the couch.  Trying to attack my yarn!

What else did i do yesterday other than crochet and complain about being fat?  Why, i got to clean up an entire bag of cat litter!!

003-9.jpg This ginormous mess was brought to you by Cry Baby and Sandy!

That’s ok though.  I could stand to ‘move’ around more!!





4 Responses to “I got fat”

  1. kellinator Says:

    Too cute!! The crochet and the kittens. It’s like a big huge pile of cuteness.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Haha, a piggy for the fatty:)

    You’re not fat. You’re pleasantly plump. Ok, you’re not that either. So quit saying you’re fat!!!

    Skinny Minny

  3. Morgaine Says:

    Is there a pattern for the frog? The bag looks pretty simple just wondering about the toes and fingers of the frog. thanks

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