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Stop coughing!!! February 27, 2008

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That’s what i was telling Madaleine while American Idol was on last night!  Poor thing has a cold and nothing was working~ i took her to the doctor again today and he gave her steroids, so i hope it works!!  Oh, and he watches American Idol too!!!!  Learn something new everyday, right?!

So, while we were trying to watch tv last night i taught Madaleine how to do the foundation chain:

bbbb.jpg  She’s left handed so it’s easy to show her how!!  I tried to show Tasha, but she’s not ready to get it yet.  I did show her how to do finger knitting~ i remember doing that at my grandmas house years ago.  She super got into that!!  She used my fuzzy yarn and made a neckwarmer:

vvv.jpg And we all know how Tasha loves to pose for the camera, so here are more shots:


hhh.jpg  A friend of hers is moving today so she gave it away

The kittens (and cats!) kept trying to attack the yarn all evening, so Madaleine got some leftover fuzzy yarn and the glue and stuff and made the kitties a toy to play with~ and let me tell you they loved it!!!:


It seems as though one of the evil minions thought he could take down a kitten all by himself:


aaaa.jpg Uh-oh!

And the same kitten was glaring at me when i caught them nursing:

aa.jpg  I’m gonna have to keep my eye on them!!

Madaleine took a great picture of Twinkletoes last night:

nnn.jpg  He’s sooo our favorite cat in the house!!

This is what the kitties were doing while we were in the living room:

aaaaa.jpg  Can you see why i love these guys!!!

Here is a random shot of Tasha eating ramon noodles ( beef flavor):


And you guys know i love free patterns~ so here are some more that i’ve found online today:

It’s still cold out, and while these aren’t the fanciest mittens, i like them:


This is a cutie little piggy!! Well, i don’t know how ‘little’ this is, but it’s adorable!:


Always on the lookout for decent tutorials, i came across this one for amigurumi:

How about some egg stuff for Easter?!:


Here’s another gorgeous flower scarf:

I don’t know who Oboro Chan from Bottle Fairy’s is, some anime cartoon, but it’s so sweet!!  Here is a free pattern from djonesgirl:


Valentine’s day is past already, but next year i am so making these:


Really killer daisy bag:


There is a link there to request the daisy square, and if you can figure out how to make it then cool!

Alrighty then, that’s all i have for now~ later!!



5 Responses to “Stop coughing!!!”

  1. beaurt Says:

    You are so lucky to have a house full of orange kitties!! They’re my favorite kind!

  2. Casey Says:

    Your kittens are so cute!! That one with the glare looks like trouble, though. 🙂 I’m glad you like my valentines!

  3. gnathalie2 Says:

    Those valentines are so cool!! I’ve been wanting to do paper cutting for a while now~ can’t wait to try them!!!

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