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Cats in the attic March 3, 2008

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The closet in the bathroom has a ‘ramp’ thingy that leads to the attic.  If we’re not quick enough closing the closet door the cats run in to hang out up there. 

While the kids were waiting for the school bus this morning, they noticed the cats peering out of the fake vent hole above the garage:

007-7.jpg  Cute enough, we think there are 3 cats up there.

008-13.jpg  Checking out what the kids are doing.

Oh, but wait!!  There are more than 3 cats in the attic!

010-6.jpg  Four?  Really?!  Actually, when i opened the closet door to get them out, two of the kittens ran down~ thank god they didn’t fall!!!

Cool pattern site time!!

So i found these stars over at flickr:


These flower hotpads are pretty cool:


How about a cool coaster?:

freecrosuncoaster.jpg This is the ‘June’ one, the ‘May’ one is cool too but the pic won’t come up for me!!

Awwwww!!!  Super cutie little baby sheep!!!


Neat-o cable purse!:


Mmmmmmm!  Chocolate covered strawberries!!!  I want some!!!


Alright, so here is a link for a really cool headband, i just don’t know how to get the pic!

This site has a page with awesome crochet and knitted project for download:

Oh, almost forgot, i found a few free pattern that were makeable over at,  it’s just i lost patience waiting for the site to come up!!

I’ll post more when i find more!!




4 Responses to “Cats in the attic”

  1. superjen Says:

    Some people have bats in their belfry.
    Gnat has cats in her attic.

    “Well you know, she SAID it would work, but we all know she’s got cats in the attic, so……..”

    I’m totally working that into a conversation soon.

  2. pugnotes Says:

    WoW Nat! Thanks for all of the great links and ideas! I love your purse and of course the kitties!

  3. gnathalie2 Says:

    Thank you, Melissa!!!

  4. sheep fan 12 Says:

    bahhhhhhhhhhbahhhhhhbahhhhbahhhhhhh ima sheep ima sheep ima sheep oh btw this product is ratherr nice

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