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OMG! I finished a bag!! March 5, 2008

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I never finish bags!!  I lose interest.  So sue me.  But the rose i crocheted for Madaleine was about to get eaten/destroyed by the kitties, so i crocheted a cute little bag and sewed the flower on it~ and she loves it!

002-6.jpg  I used the little bikini bag from the stitch n bitch book as a starting point.  Because i used a G hook instead of their D hook, i only went up to 30 or 36 sc’s for the bottom, and i did about 15-20 rounds of even dc instead of 8,  and as you can see i used my flower scarf pattern for the ties. 

Here is a close-up of the flowers i sewed on:

003-11.jpg  Surprisingly, i got all the ‘ends’ all neatly hidden so i don’t have to line the darn thing! 

So, who’s ready for more internet finds?!!

Here is a tiny easter basket thingy:

img_1437.jpg  And crochetroo has a bunch more free patterns on her site too!

Out of all the cactuses? cacti? i’ve seen, this one is totally my favorite!

2308508050_d3afd7f19d.jpg   ( click on the name under his pic and the pattern will pop up)

Wanna sew something?  Here is a tutorial for these wristlets:


I found this little mini-bikini, not quite sure who it would fit but it’s adorable non the less:


Get ready to laugh~ or cry if clowns scare you~ but Michelle over at suncatcher eyes has brought us another awesome pattern!!!


The crochet dude has a free pattern for this coffee cup cozy:


And check this out, go here: and under the free section he has a bunch of killer free patterns!!!

Always a sucker for anything kitten, crochetkitten has two  zodaic based kitties!!

pisces_thumb-97x130.jpg Pisces

( Tasha is a pisces, and to tease her Madaleine says she’s a ‘piss kiss’!!)

aries_kitten_thumb-99x132.jpg Aries

She has sooooo many cool free patterns~ also some really helpful tutorials!!!

 Howz about a baby lamb?:


Neatlytangled has some spring bunnies:


Need an ipod cozy?  Cool one here:


Once again, cool clothes that i would probably suck at making but wish i could:


More from Caron:

ss24_rainbow_bear_op.jpg  This bear was designed by the fabulously awesome Deb Richey!!!

Not loving the actual bag (a bit big for my taste) but the flowers are cute:


I love the colors on this scarf set:


This little purse is way cute:


This spider dishcloth is just original:


And another funny little thing to crochet:


I just went over to craftster and found this wonderful coin purse!!:


Anyone with kids?  Your kids watch that freaky show ‘yo gabba gabba’?  Well, here is a free pattern!:


That’s it for now!!



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  1. Deb Says:

    Thanks for the link! 😀

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