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Old french song April 19, 2008

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My mom had a bunch of those small record singles and me and my sisters would play them and dance around when we were super little.  My favorite one to play was an old french one cause it had my name on it, Nathalie, and OMG!  I found it on youtube!!!  I love that site!


On a free pattern note, here is a cute one i found at crochetville:


I also found a german site with free patterns:


Mygurumi has a 6-part series on a flower bouquet:


More flowers?  Here are some super easy daffodils:


An AWESOME turtle from craftster:

  It says the pattern is on page 2


A cool homemade crochet button tutorial here:


That’s it for now!




3 Responses to “Old french song”

  1. Jen Says:

    wow, I never thought to look for that!

    I totally remember running around that white rug to the end part faster and faster till we fell down dizzy!

  2. Stephanie Says:

    I have it!! Its ‘Natalie’ by Gilbert Beucaud or something like that. I’ll email it to you guys:)

    The turtle with the sturdy neck looks cool. Its the neck. Its so standy-uppy.

  3. Nathalie Says:

    I have it too, remember? It was on a ‘mixed tape’ cd and i burned it before you guys left!

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