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Just a little mousie April 24, 2008

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James asked me if i could make him a ‘snow mouse’ so i did.  He wanted a bell on the mousie’s tail and i swear i had to sew it on while i was walking around the living room cause the kitties were just waaaay to excited about it!!!  here is the little mousie:

little mousie

Cute, huh?!  I used the free pattern from kristie:


So, i’ve got some more neat internet finds to share, and first up is a killer blog:


She’s got TONS of awesome free patterns!!!!!! 

I also found this tutorial on homemade buttons:


So, i did not know about this but apparently there is such a thing as an invisible decrease.  Learn something new everyday!  Here is the video on how to do it:


Over at crochetville is an adorable little teacup bookmark!


I did finally get that french book from jenns house (yea!) and i found this to help with translating:


Cutie little cupcake pincushion:



Cherry keychain:


And here is a video on how to do the magic circle:


How about people making my stuff?!!!  Another installment of the ‘alphabet’ minions!!!!!!

This one ‘Everett’

This one is ‘Fluff’


And this one is ‘Grumpus’

I love all the detail!!!!!!  Can’t wait to see more!!!!!!!!


Oh, i also found a neat German site with free patterns:

Don’t read other languages?  Go to and download the free toolbar.  That way anytime you’re on a foreign site you just click the ‘translate’ button and it’ll go english for you!!  Like magic!!!


I know, i know, you are all just itching to see my kitties!!!

Here is Twinkletoes and Butternut Squash:


And here is Sweet Potato all curled up and comfy on Madaleines bed:


You wanna see the rest of the bed? 



Here is what her bed usually looks like:


And my windowsill is never without a cat!  This is Sunshine:









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  1. Jen Says:

    JB drew the gnat for you, check your inbox!

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