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They can kinda see May 7, 2008

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Way cute~ the baby kittens kinda have their eyes open!  Tasha came running downstairs freaking out cause the kittens ‘were crawling away from their mama’, and when i went upstairs to look the little cuties were just exploring their space!  The kids are a bit nervous with these kittens cause Sandy had two babies a few days ago and she just didn’t know how to take care of them.  She would lick them and check on them but wouldn’t lay down for more than a couple minutes to feed them.  I brought them upstairs and gave them to Snowball, and she fed them like they were hers, but they were just too small to compete with the bigger kittens.  It was so sad too cause after i buried them outside, Sandy and Snowball spent a good few hours sniffing around the house and outside looking for their babies.  We’re still pretty sad about it, especially Adrian.  He spent the entire day making sure the babies got their turn.

Here is Sandy right after she had the first kitty:

  I keep telling Adrian that the babies are in heaven and they know how much he loved them and took care of them

Alright, now on to the kitties:

  Tasha is holding one of the girls

And here they are trying to see what’s out there:

  This one reminds me of Robin Hood, that scene were the little bunny falls out the wagon and says ‘wait for me! wait for me!’ !!!


And here they are ‘crawling away from their mama’:



I found this online, hodge podge of crafts made my flower scarf and it’s BEAUTIFUL!!!  I love pink!!!


And over at crochetville, Pear-Kitten made my big spotted bird~ and i have to say it’s one of the quickest ‘returns’ on a pattern i’ve posted!!!  Awesome job!!!!!  I LOVE those red google eyes!!!!!


As far as cool stuff i’ve found online, this one is so freaking cute!  It’s penguin pillows!


Also found this butterfly rag rug over at crafttown:


And i still wish i could knit, cause this pie is fantastic!!


And there are some cool patterns on these pages:


Here fishy, fishy (potholder)


And i may have posted this one already, but it’s cute so i’ll post it again!





2 Responses to “They can kinda see”

  1. totoro ^_^ Says:

    Totoro very cute (^^^)

  2. jeni Says:

    Hello Natalie, Love Your Blue Whale, Super Cute!!!! Your Critters are always so FABULOUS!!!!! You are such an inspiration to all of us Critter Makers!!!!! And i absolutely adore Your kitty photos too!!!! Bless Your Big Kitty HEART!!!!! Totally miss You at the Group!!!! Big Hugs to You Natalie!!!!

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